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Vijaynagara Empire (in Hindi)
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Harihara and Bukka established this regional kingdom which was taken to new heights by Krishna Deva Raya. It has remarkable contribution in our cultural development.

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Abhishek Srivastava
GS faculty and subject matter expert | 4 yrs Teaching Exp.| HiStory, Geog. and Polity courses with interrelation, logic & chronology.

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Sir please do mcqs for class 10 also
the way you speak makes things interesting thanku sir
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Can u make a video on Bhakti & Sufi movements... Along with In-depth about Mughal empire and Maratha empire.. please
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  1. DELHI SULTANATE, VIJAYNAGAR AND BAHAMANI KINGDOM ijayanagara Empire Course by Abhishek Srivastava o Slides by Nithin Kunneparambil

  2. Abhishek Srivastava ABOUT ME: . Qualified IIT JEE 2006 . Indian maritime University, Kolkata . Marine Engineer Qualified for UPSC mains twice . Got selected in SSC and IBPS twice . GS faculty . . Crash Course on Modern History . Ncert Class VI Summary

  3. Regional Kingdoms . Regional kingdoms emerged . Distinctive cultural traditions . Important ones are BETA Bahmanis . Vijayanagara . Bengal . Gujarat SIAR AMMA Malwa

  4. VijayaNagara Empire

  5. Introduction Have you listened to Dr. Swamy's speech on Vijayanagara empire It is a corner stone in the development of "Hindu Pride" This is why history is important even today Whether you like it or not, an objective understanding of Vijayanagara is imperative.

  6. All the way till Bengal . Whole of South . Ports and trade to all parts of the world Vjayanaga ra Empire Raichur Hampi- Anantapur Penukonda

  7. The start Two brothers Harihara and Bukka Raya, who were feudatories of Kampila Raya . Taken to Delhi by Mohd Bin Tughlaq, Converts to Islam During Riots, comes back and reconverts to Hinduism . Establishes an empire with help of their Guru MADHAVA VIDYARANYA (1336) . Their capital on the banks of river Tungabhadra . Tungabhadra has a name PAMPA as well, so PAMPAKSHETRA.

  8. Dynasties of Vijayanagara . 4 in numbers . 1. Sangama . 2. Saluva . 3. Tuluva . 4. Aravidu . Harhara and Bukka Krishnadeva Raya (1509-29)

  9. A Brahmanical state?? . As like every successful kingdom in India , was largely secular . Recruited large number of Muslims as archers Their rivals Bahmanis also did the same w.r.t Hindus . For them, RELIGION WAS A POLITICAL TOOL

  10. Travellers in Vijayanagar Nicolo Conti - Italian - Dev Raya I "the circumference of the city was sixty miles" . Abdul Razzak - Arab - Dev Raya II "The city is such that eye has not seen nor ear heard of any place resembling it upon earth" 9 . Domingo Paes - Portuguese - K D Raya Duarte Barbossa - Portuguese KD Raya . Fernao Nuniz - Italian - K D Raya