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(Hindi) Medieval History - Delhi Sultanate, Vijayanagar and Bahamani Kingdom

935 ratings
123 reviews
The course starts with the explanation of various historical incidents like Arab invasion of Sindh, the evolution and establishment of the Sultanate of Delhi by Qutubuddin Aibak and further expansion by Iltutmish. As we move further, we encounter rulers like Balban who consolidated the Empire. Further ahead, we study about ambitious ruler like Alauddin Khalji and his administrative miracles. And towards the end of the course, be ready to be baffled by the mistake of Mohammed Bin Tughlaq. The course concludes with a discussion on other important forces that shaped the history of medieval India viz. the Sultanate of Bahmanis and Vijayanagara Empire. Tags: Medieval History, Medieval Indian History, Medieval History Lecture, Medieval History UPSC, Delhi Sultanate Lectures, Vijayanagar Empire History, Bahmani Kingdom History
GS faculty and subject matter expert | 4 yrs Teaching Exp.| HiStory, Geog. and Polity courses with interrelation, logic & chronology.
935 ratings
123 reviews
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Roman Saini
reviewed on April 22, 2017
Perfect, perfect, just perfect. Nothing is better than this course on Medieval History.
Sandhya Dolla
reviewed on April 22, 2017
i was waiting for this course n thank u very much... the time and effort u hav put in can be clearly scene in the lessons
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