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Vibration in open organ pipe (Hindi)
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Vibrations in an open organ pipe, relation with vibrations in closed organ pipe and a numerical to explain the theory.

Udit Gupta
A Mechanical Engineer from NIT Allahabad here to help learners with physics. Also a Star ⭐ educator.

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Yes!!..Mam...I have planned the same to take Public Ad as optional. but its contents useful in 4GS-papers somewhere?....
Arpita Prakash
2 years ago
GS 2 definitely
Arpita Prakash
2 years ago
GS 4..if something comes related to ethics then also it will be helpful
Arpita Prakash
2 years ago
apart from that even you can use it in essay paper
you haven't told about the energys and all about the string waves.
Udit Gupta
10 months ago
i took the most asked portion of this topic first.. apart from energy analysis, pressure analysis is also left out owing to the fact that it is asked less in the exam.
Sania bhargav
10 months ago
thank you for your concern. BTW videos are really good . I am able to solve ques.
nice explaination Sir 😍
Udit Gupta
9 months ago
Arti Bhaira
9 months ago
most welcome sir
  1. Udit Gupta Ex-VMC Physics Faculty

  2. WELCOME TO THE 6TH LESSON IN WAVES. The sub-topics include: Vibrations of an open organ pipe and 1 Numerical. Visit: to register for SPECIAL CLASSES.

  3. VIBRATIONS OF AN OPEN ORGAN PIPE In an open organ pipe, both ends are open. In an open organ pipe, at both ends there will be antinodes. Fundamental mode or first mode, 1-2L, where L is the length of the pipe. Fundamental frequency V1 =-=-, where v is the speed of sound in air. This frequency is called 1st harmonic. 12 2L

  4. Third mode: Second mode: 17 12 L 21 u 3U 13 2L This frequency is called second harmonic or 1st overtone. This frequency is called thirc harmonic or 2nd overtone.

  5. VIBRATIONS OF AN OPEN ORGAN PIPE V1: V2: V3 1:2:3 Hence in open pipe all harmonics are present, whereas in a closed pipe only odd harmonics are present. For nth mode,An- 2L nv Frequency, vn =-=- Where n 1,2,3, This frequency is called nth harmonic or (n - 1)th overtone. n 2

  6. VIBRATIONS OF AN OPEN ORGAN PIPE The fundamental frequency of an open organ pipe is twice that of a closed organ pipe of the same length. If an open pipe of length L is half submerged in water, it will become a closed organ pipe of length half that of open pipe as shown in figures.

  7. VIBRATIONS OF AN OPEN ORGAN PIPE So its frequency will become v.-- frequency will remain unchanged 1 =-= vo, i.e. equal to that of open pipe ie, 4. 2L 2 L/2 L/2 LI2

  8. NUMERICAL 3 An air column, closed at one end and open at the other resonates with a tuning fork when the smallest length of the column is 50cm. Find the next larger length of column resonating with the same tuning fork.

  9. SOLUTION 3 From figure, First harmonic is obtained at l =-= 50cm 4 Third harmonic is obtained for resonance, 34150cm


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