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Numerical and progressive wave (Hindi)
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Numerical and plane progressive wave.

Udit Gupta
A Mechanical Engineer from NIT Allahabad here to help learners with physics. Also a Star ⭐ educator.

Unacademy user
lysine is an alpha amino acid, ma'am... kindly correct this slide...
sir speed of longitudinal wave and transverse wave ??
Udit Gupta
8 months ago
depends aapko kya diya hai, root T by mu, root B by pho, root gama RT/M..
Udit Gupta
8 months ago
what doubt?
sir thoda bolne ki speed kam kar do plz..baki sab theek hai..
Udit Gupta
a year ago
Haha. I will try to. You can just slow the speed for this one.
  1. Udit Gupta Ex-VMC Physics Faculty

  2. WELCOME TO THE 3 RD LESSON IN WAVES. The sub-topics include: 1 numerical & theory in plane progressive wave. Visit: to register for SPECIAL CLASSES.

  3. NUMERICAL The speed of longitudinal wave is 100 times the speed of transverse wave in a brass wire. What is the stress in wire? Young's modulus of brass 1.0 x 1011Nmi2

  4. SOLUTION 1 Speed of longitudinal wave in wire v1 Speed of transverse wave in wire v2 Y = 1002 -= 1002 Stress Stress = = 1.0 107Nm-2 1002

  5. PLANE PROGRESSIVE WAVE When a particle executes SHM then displacement is given by: y Asin(wt + ), where is the phase constant In progressive wave each particle performs SHM and transfer its energy and momentum to nearest particle. Let point P is reference point and it oscillates in simple harmonic manner. (+) ve

  6. PLANE PROGRESSIVE WAVE Let wave travel on positive direction with constant velocity (v). Point Q is at distance from point P. At time t, the displacement of point Q will be same as that of displacement of point P at time (t Displacement of point Q at time t, yAsino (t -x). 7 (+) ve 17

  7. PLANE PROGRESSIVE WAVE Equation of progressive wave in negative x direction: y Asino (t 17 x is the coordinate of point Q with respect to origin. At time t, velocity of particle Wave velocity dy dt dx


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