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Reflection and transmission of waves (Hindi)
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Reflection and transmission of waves theory explained with help of an example.

Udit Gupta
A Mechanical Engineer from NIT Allahabad here to help learners with physics. Also a Star ⭐ educator.

Unacademy user
If u want to separate the Editorial and vocab then do it as it will be helpful for those who are only interested in improving their vocab. I fine with both the ways. Keep up the good work.
Abhinav Gupta
2 years ago
thanks for the suggestion manisha ????????
Sir, In problem 2 the value of Ar is coming as -Ai/3 as v2 = v1/2 so the term in the numerator is coming as -v1/2
Udit Gupta
4 months ago
There are just two things I would like to say here. Either you might have made a calculation mistake and I'm sure you would have rechecked twice or thrice and maybe the same mistake has been done or my answer might be incorrect and that you are right ✔. In both the cases, the process should be clear and if there is any concern there, please let me know!
sir what is transmitted wave ?
Udit Gupta
8 months ago
When wave goes from one medium to another
Udain Srivastava
8 months ago
ok sir
Sir, in the expression for reflected ray, wouldn't the expression inside cos be (-wt-k1x+π)
Udit Gupta
9 months ago
no. whatever is given is correct . just relate it to the theory told as well..
  1. Udit Gupta Ex-VMC Physics Faculty

  2. WELCOME TO THE 4TH LESSON IN WAVES. The sub-topics include: Reflection & transmission of waves and 1 numerical. Visit: to register for SPECIAL CLASSES.

  3. REFLECTION AND TRANSMISSION OF WAVES A travelling wave, at a rigid or denser boundary, is reflected with a phase reversal but the reflection at an open boundary (rarer medium) takes place without any phase change. The transmitted wave is never inverted, but propagation constant k is changed.

  4. REFLECTION AND TRANSMISSION OF WAVES Amplitude of reflected wave and transmitted waves v1 and v2 are speeds of the incident wave and reflected wave in mediums respectively then, 7 1 1 2 2 Incident wave Incident wave y Ai sin(ot -kx) Transmitted wave Transmitted wave A sin(ot-kx) Reflected wave Reflected wave y, #Ar sin(cot + klx) Reflection at rarer boundary Reflection at denser boundary

  5. NUMERICAL 2 A harmonic wave is travelling on string 1. At a junction with string 2 it is partly reflected and partly transmitted. The linear mass density of the second string is four times that of the first string, and that the boundary between the two strings is at x 0. If the expression for the incident wave is, What are the expressions for the transmitted and the reflected waves in terms of Ai, k1 and w.

  6. SOLUTION 2 Since v-./T/ , T2-T1 and 2-4 We have, V2 V1/2 The frequency does not change, that is: w12 Also, because k /v, the wave numbers of the harmonic waves in the two strings are related by, ! 2

  7. SOLUTION 2 The amplitudes are, V2-V1 2+v1 3 Now with above equations, transmitted wave can be written as: 2 For reflected wave, we can say, 3


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