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UTalk: One Unforgettable Night Of An IAS Officer
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This is a UTalk by IAS officer of 2004 batch (AIR 59) Mr. Israel Jebasingh. In this talk, he shares an incident from the days when he was posted at West Bengal as the Sub-Divisional Officer of Jhargram. He narrates the spine-chilling incident in a way that will keep you hooked on till you reach the end. From his talk, we learn that the life of an IAS officer is not as easy as it seems from the outside.He highlights on the message that it is okay for all of us to make mistakes, but it is important that we learn from these mistakes and implement changes accordingly.

Israel Jebasingh
Director of Officers IAS Academy. IAS Officer of 2004 Batch with AIR 59.

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Nasir ul Mulk is the interim Prime Minister of Pakistan
That was a great narration sir. You know my father was an ias officer too and I saw him handle floods, be present when terrorists were encountered trying to enter from jnK, etc. But, I realized that its a thankless job, politicians media and citizens all are after you when in field, and I was so disenchanted that never studied for civils until now when he's passed away. I tried ngo work, entrepreneurship, etc. so as to contribute to society. But, civil services I feel are the best way to serve the nation as a civilian, even if its a thankless thing. It's duty. And of course, military is a great option for anyone with the ability.
Goosebumps!! when heard......"this is the duty for my country" Jai Hind!!
Aashita Singh
a year ago
jai hind
Big selute to Indian air force.'s not story of border film !!!!
whenever i ask to myself why should i prepare for upsc,i did not have any answer except one quality which is the requirement of an administrator and that is honesty...but when i heard this video i felt that this job will suit me the most.And the reason is i cant ignore the problem of other whose solution lies in my hand....
Really appreciating,whatever struggles bureaucrats like you are facing ,if you can wipe off tears of single person that is more than anything in this world,that satisfaction u people are getting from the eyes of those needy people,this is the power of burecracy.this make this job a divine one
  1. A night in the life of an IAS officer Presented by Israel Jebasingh

  2. About me . AIR 59, IAS officer of 2004 batch . Worked at West Bengal Worked as Lecturer in Sri Ram Engineering College . Currently Director of IAS Officers Academy, Chennai . Follow me on Unacademy at S1 Ram Engineering College :

  3. Background . Posted at Jhargram, a old Subdivision in West Bengal as the SDO . The division has 2 rivers, Kangsavathi river & Subarnarekha river . 8 blocks . First week of July 2007 Raining continuously for 3 days . Only 2 of the 8 blocks were flood prone

  4. Background . Sending relief material to affected blocks . Got a call from the BDO of Sankrail Block Water level here was increasing . River Subarnarekha flows through it, its drainage system was proper & had no history of severe flood . The officer was efficient but tended to over react

  5. Background . Did not take his words seriously District Magistrate called & reviewed the flood situation . He also had received a call from the BDO of Sankrail . Around 12 midnight I went to bed

  6. When the reality struck me hard . I heard heavy knocking & the voice of my Bungalow peon . He told me the BDO Sankrail was on phone line I could hear him breathe heavily & stammering, almost crying 10 villages marooned

  7. When the reality struck me hard Realised that situation was very grave & very dangerous Country boat to rescue villagers . The current was heavy Youth could hear the villagers

  8. When the reality struck me hard Water level kept increasing . Kept the phone Immediately, I dialled the District Magistrate's office . Not reachable . I was sitting not knowing what to do

  9. When the reality struck me hard . Decided to wait till 6 am & pass the message to DM through special messenger . 5 hours for the Army to reach Sankrail special messenger would not reach before 4:30 . Army would not be able to reach before 10 am

  10. When the reality struck me hard . I was totally helpless . Kalaikunda Air force Canteen . It is an air force station

  11. When the reality struck me hard . He told me not to worry . From his voice, first time I felt that people will be rescued Rescue operation with the motor boats & with helicopters Young man, who are you to thank me. It's my duty for my country