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10 Most Significant Tips and Advice for the Aspirants to Crack CSE Prelims- 2017 (for UPSC CSE)
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In this lesson Israel Jebasingh who himself had cracked UPSC CSE in 2004 and currently Director of IAS academy, Chennai, has shed light on the 10 most significant things which the CSE aspirants can follow to succeed in prelims examination -2016. Watching this lesson will make you develop a proper boost of confidence in your mind and will surely help you in the examination hall. He has explained how to stay calm and focused while answering the questions, tips to manage time, and much more vital things.

Israel Jebasingh
Director of Officers IAS Academy. IAS Officer of 2004 Batch with AIR 59.

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Sir , Please complete the course as soon as possible because its very important and urgent...
Beautiful course sir Thank You so much!!!
sir pls....pls....continue your lectures on #unacademy which are very helpful to huge number of aspirants who can not afford to coaching centers thank you sir...
Thank you Sir, looking forward for your guidance
Plz make some videos for those personnel who r in defence where they don't get sufficient time for their studies. How should they chalk out their strategy to crack this prestigious exam? Plz also mention books for hindi n english medium students.
  1. 10 Significant Tips To Crack Prelims- 2016 R.A.Israel Jebasingh

  2. About Me: AIR 59, IAS officer of 2004 batch Worked at Westbengal Worked as Lecturer in Sri Ram Engineering College Currently Director of IAS academy, Chennai Follow me on Unacademy at: Unacademy at: https:llunacademy in/userilsraelJebasingh

  3. First Tip A day of a District Collector has ups and downs . Don t over react

  4. Second Tip Attempt maximum number of question:s Probability is in your favor

  5. Third Tip Questions will be simple with no ambiguity Don't think too much

  6. Fourth Tip Put a tick if you attempt a question so that while coming on 2nd and 3rd rounds you wont waste time in identifying unanswered questions

  7. Fifth Tip Ensure the Question Series is correctly shaded in the coding sheet or else all answers may go wrong

  8. Sixth Tip In the exam hall be bold and confident. If you don't know 3 consecutive questions, have a firm belief that people around you wont know 9 consecutive questions

  9. Seventh Tip Keep a look on your watch now and then. By 40th minute you should have crossed the 50th question This will give you time for 2nd and 3rd rounds

  10. Eighth Tip Take deep breathing frequently so that you are full of oxygen which will help you to approach the questions in the correct manner