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Using Idioms in Conversations
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This lesson explains the usage of Idioms with conversations. Don't forget to rate and review the course.

Amirtha Devarajan
Student of English Literature. Passionate about teaching.Follow me for lessons on language and literature :)

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sir how to solve close test...
Again a brilliant lesson showing the use of idioms and thus teaching us how to apply them. You truly said that learning idiom is not that tough but to learn to use them is something we need to master and you did make that task quite easy. Thank you looking forward to more lessons.
Mam..... Please make more Lectures on IDIOMS.... Because, The way you teaching, it Directly click on mind Thnx for such a great Efforts For Us
you know you make me happy.. today . your course is awesome.. thank you so much.. keep smiling and plz make more course for us
That is so sweet of you. Thanks a tonne, you made me happier.
you know you make me happy.. today . your course is awesome.. thank you so much.. keep smiling and plz make more course for us
you know you make me happy.. today . your course is awesome.. thank you so much.. keep smiling and plz make more course for us
  1. USING IDIOMS IN CONVERSATIONS Presented by Amirtha Devarajan

  2. To Pay the Earth for something A:Oh no! B:What's happened? A:l'm all right. B:l'm not worried about you. What did you drop? A:lt was an accident. I'm afraid it just slipped out of my hands. B:My china horse! Oh no! Have you any idea how much it cost? A:l'm terribly sorry. I'll buy you another one B:Don't be silly. You couldn't afford one of those.I paid the earth for that. It cost the earth.

  3. As right as Rain A Andrew! How are you? B:Hello John! I'm fine thanks. How are you? A:Great. But I heard you were sick. B:Oh, it was nothing much. I was off work for a couple of days with a bad chest, but I soon got better. I'm as right as rain now, thanks. A:Good.

  4. To get a cold feet A When are we going to get a new car? B:l don't know. We can't afford it now that you've stopped work. A Did you talk to your boss today? B:Yes A Did you ask him formore money? B Well. A Oh, David, you promised! B:l didn't promise A:Yes, you did. Your were going to tell him you'd leave if he didn't give you a pay rise B.Well that wouldn't do much good, would it? If I ended up losing my job we'd have no money, at all. A:Oh, come on, stop making excuses. You didn't say anything because you got cold feet again. No courage, that's your trouble THEATRE I'm getfing cold feet 4

  5. Over the Moon A:Where's David? Isn't he coming down to dinner? B:He was here earlier, but I think he was too excited to sit around any longer, and he went out ith some of his friends. A Celebrate what? B:Well, your remember that interview he went to last week? A:Mm B:He got a letter from the firm today. They've offered him the job. A:Oh that is good news. He must be feeling very pleased with himself. B:Pleased? He's over the moon about it

  6. To get a kick out of something A:Oh look, there's one of those new telephone booths. B:Oh yes. They're not very attractive, are they. A:l think the idea was to make them vandal - proof, actually. B:Well I hope they've succeeded. You get sick of smashed-up telephones. Why do they do it? A:What the vandals, you mean? B:Yes. Why are they so destructive? A:l suppose they must find it exciting or thrilling in some way. Well they obviously get a kick out of it, or they wouldn't do it. C

  7. To let the cat out of the ba A:Bye. Have a nice weekend. B:You too. Bye Goodnight Paul C:Bye Carol. See you later B:Er... C:You are coming to the party, aren't you? B:Erm. Yes, I am. But you're not supposed to know about that! Elizabeth said it was going to be a surprise for your birthday C:Yes, well. She was doing so much cooking last night, it was obvious she was planning something. I kept asking her what was going on, and in the end I got it out of her: she told me about tonight's party B:So Elizabeth let the cat out of the bag, did she? C:Yes. I'm afraid so. She let the cat out of the bag. (She gave away the secret.)