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Formal and Informal English - Differentiate between the two with examples
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This lesson explains the difference between Formal and Informal English by giving examples.

Amirtha Devarajan
Student of English Literature. Passionate about teaching.Follow me for lessons on language and literature :)

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1.RANKLE-. make sb annoyed for a long time 2.APATHY-- lack of enthusiasm 3. JADED -- tired
very good explanation.
  1. Formal and Informal English Differentiate between the two with examples Presented by Amirtha Devarajan

  2. Formal English Informal English Apologize increase decrease establish say sorry go up go down set up look at blow up find out bring about put off rack up make up stand for find out leave out examine explode discover cause postpone, delay accumulate fabricate represent discover, ascertain omit

  3. Verbs Continued start keep free get on someone's nerves ring up show up let fill in block give the go ahead, greenlight commence retain release bother call arrive permit substitute, inform undermine authorize, authorise

  4. Slangs - Informal and formal kids good really big right wrong smart cheap children negative positive considerable correct incorrect intelligent nexpensive

  5. Abbreviations Informal & Formal Informal T.V photo cell net ASAP Formal television photograph cell phone Internet as soon as possible

  6. Letter Expressions - Informal & Formal Hi Robert, Just wanted to let you know.. Love, Hope to hear from you soon You can call me if you need anything Talk to you later Dear Sir or Madam I am writing to inform you... Yours sincerely, Yours faithfully, I look forward to hearing from you Please do not hesitate to contact me I will get in touch with you shortly

  7. Transitions Informal & Formal Informa Formal Nevertheless Moreover/ Furthermore However Therefore/Thus In addition, Additionally as soon as possible/at your earliest Anyways Plus/Also But 0 Also ASAP Okay, OK In the meantime I think In the end, To sun up In a nutshell/Basically Anyway, ll iht convenience acceptable In the interim In my opinion, Finally In conclusion To summarize Notwithstanding Accentahle

  8. Emphasis Words - Informal and Formal Informal lots of/ a lot of tons of, heaps of totally really, very Formal much, many large quantities of, a number of completely, strongly definitely