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Slang Words
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This lesson first throws light at the slangs which can be used in daily conversation and then explains why certain slangs should never be incorporated in speech and writing.

Amirtha Devarajan
Student of English Literature. Passionate about teaching.Follow me for lessons on language and literature :)

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Excellent teacher. Mam, could u teach me, would rather, had better, had rather, supposed to, make, get, I need ur help plz
  1. Slang Words Presented by Amirtha Devarajan

  2. What've you been up to lately?" How've you been?" ." . "How's it been going?" "How do you do?'" Some alternatives to 'how are you?"

  3. Have a good one. .Take care. Catch you later . I've got to get going or I must be going . I gotta jet, I gotta take off, I gotta hit the road or I gotta head out Alternatives to Goodbye

  4. Bells and whistles-When something has the latest technological features. Rather than specify exactly what features make something top quality, you can say that it has all the bells and whistles' . Gut Feeling -A gut feeling is intuition. You have a gut feeling that may be positive or negative about something. You might hear people say follow your gut feeling' This means that they recommend you pay attention to your intuition. Descriptive Slang

  5. My bad -Use this to say you made a mistake or you were wrong . Zonked (US) /Knackered (British)- Exhausted . Rookie-A newbie, a new recruit, somebody new to a field or profession. Somebody without much experience.

  6. To mince word's or to mince one's words'-To disapprove of indirectly . Pull a fast one - This expression means to trick somebody. 'Don't try to pull a fast one (on me)' means don't try to trick me. To bail-This means to leave or abandon a place or a situation. You can use it casually at a party, pub or event as in 'let's bail' meaning that you want to leave because you don't like the atmosphere. Slang verbs

  7. To give the cold shoulder-This is when you avoid contact with somebody. You stop communicating with them and you 'give them the cold shoulder . To drive up the wall-This means to drive one crazv. 'This talk show drives me up the wall' means you have strong feelings against it. . To get your tail down here-Come over - a casual way to invite somebody, with a sense of some urgency.

  8. Slang can be localized to a specific area and cause confusion to readers who live elsewhere Slang evolves quickly and may not have the same impact five or 10 years later. Slang is largely considered unprofessional, especially when it s written . Slang can have multiple meanings, causing confusion or offending your readers why you need to avoid slang?