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Academic Words
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This lesson deals with some basic academic worfs.

Amirtha Devarajan
Student of English Literature. Passionate about teaching.Follow me for lessons on language and literature :)

Unacademy user
very informative :) Keep Going!!
  1. Academic words Presented by Amirtha Devarajan

  2. Assessment Noun Meaning: An Evaluation of something Example: They want to do a assessment of the factory maintenance.

  3. Complex Adjective Meaning : Something that has many connected parts that are different and unique. Something difficult to understand. Usage : Complex Problem, Complex issue, complex situation

  4. Consistent Adjective Meaning: Regular Example: The teacher was consistent in following the rules. e

  5. Context Noun Meaning Parts of a statement (Spoken or written) that surround a specific word or phrase. Example - Try to understand the meaning of the word by putting it in context. If Content is King, Context is God!

  6. Impact Noun Meaning : The strong effect or influence that something has on a situation or person. Example Educators are making a great impact on Unacademy.

  7. Indicate Verb Meaning: To point out or show something Example : The polls indicate that people are unhappy with the current government. ONE WAY

  8. Primary Adjective Meaning The first of importance Synonyms - Chief, Principal Sentence - The primary cause of failure was the lack of organization. Red Yellow agenta White Green Cyan Blue

  9. Range Noun Meaning :The upper or lower limits that a number, an amount, or type of something may vary Example - Our price range is between 4000-70oors. Data set 4, 5, 5,6 Highest Lowest

  10. Significamt Adjective something of consequence. will be significant in helping you V Something of importance or Example: Learning these words improve your vocabulary.