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Unemployment Part 2 (in Telugu)
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నిరుద్యోగం Part 2

Raghunadhabhatla Vijay is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Raghunadhabhatla Vijay
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One of the most magnificent empires of the world. The great mughals have made India the most prosperous country of the world at that time. India's GDP was 25% of the world under mughals. india became the richest country of the world without exploiting any other other country as colony.
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  1. Seasonal Unemployment Seasonal unemployment is a working agreement where the worker i:s employed for a certain part of the year ,however after that time of the year has passed then the worker is left unemployed. Examples of people who suffer from seasonal unemployment are people who work with weather related jobs such as summer tourism jobs, beach lifeguards or snow related jobs in a certain region Furthermore, people who are also construction workers who only work whe n house building jobs are availabl e. timetric Unemeloment rate United Kingdom Menu The diagram shows the seasonal unemployment rate in the UK and in the EU 10 903 13 1907 2001 2003 200 2007 200 2011 2013

  2. TYPES OF UNEMPLOYMENT Disguised Unemployment 1 "This occurs when more than the necessary numbers of people are employed for the specified work. *Disguised unemployment is found in agriculture because of the lack of employment opportunities elsewhere. Similarly disguised unemployment can be found in industry and offices as well. *Example A family, whose all member are working in one shop or a small business, but which can actually be managed by a fewer number of members of family.

  3. Structural Unemployment Structural unemployment occurs when the demand for labour is less than the supply of labour in an individual labour market Decline of manufacturing Geographical immobility economic poverty population shelter insufficient condition Occupational immobility Robotics replacing jobs unfood living debt is oney inevitable OUTSOURCE IT! loss poverty low issue individuals nequality restricted Corruption Disincentives e.g. Poverty Trap on million Foreign competition - rising imports Long term regional decline Outsourcing of production overseas

  4. Frictional Unemployment Frictional Unemployment is when a person does not have a job due the process of moving from one job to another. Furthermore, it could also be the time period which the worker is searching for job. . Many people suffer from frictional unemployment such as e University graduates who are searching for a job after graduat ing from university(depending on their grades) Actors/ theatre actors who are searching for role in a movie/theatre play eFootball players who have been released by their clubs and have been put in free agent transfer waiting for team to sign them. (Northampton town released Akinfenwa) Ovea Frictional unemployment happens when it takes the labour market time to match a worker up with a new job. timetnic UK Vacancies (housands) Total:quaty UK 300 Vacancies ratio per 100 emo jobs Total:mostl Menu 20 700 600 2 3 020 2.1 240 500 402 1.7 453 002 003 204 2008 2050 2007 20 2009 010 2011 2012 2013

  5. Cyclical Unemployment Cyclical Unemployment is when there is a greater availability of workers than there is of job vacancies. Cyclical happens when there is lower demand for products due to the lack of consumer confidence, disinterest or reduction in the consumer spending due to less disposable income. This would make the firms cutting back their workforce in production and maybe using capital good instead. Therefore, there wouldn't be enough jobs for the unemployed. Cyclical unemployment is called cyclical because it is linked to the business cycle of the economy . Price Level AS Demand has fallen for the product and the price level has decreased. This has caused the firms to cut back on their workforce so less people are hired for jobs AD lIADI 1 Y National income real GDP)

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