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Planning in India Part 5 (in Telugu)
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Planning in India Part 5

Raghunadhabhatla Vijay is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Raghunadhabhatla Vijay
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  1. Fifth Five Year plan(1974-1979) Objective The world economy was in a troublesome state which had a negative impact on the Indian economy. Therefore, priority was given to the food and energy sectors. Improving the scope of self-employment through a well integrated program. Reduce poverty Improving the agricultural condition by implementing land reform measures.

  2. What Was Achieved? Electricity Supply Act was enacted in 1975, which enabled the Central Government to enter into power generation and transmission Importance of a labor intensive production technology in India. Increase in the supply of food grains and the export of minerals and oil reserve earned a good amount of foreign exchange to the Indian Economy Enhancing the import substitution in the spheres including chemicals, paper, mineral and equipment industries.

  3. Sixth Five Year plan (1980-1985) Objective 6th Five Year Plan is also referred to as the Janata Government Plan which marked a reversal of the Nehruvian model. Rajiv Gandhi was elected as the prime minister, He aimed for rapid industrial development, especially in the area of information technology. Progress was slow, however, partly because of caution on the part of labour and communist leaders.

  4. What Was Achieved? The Indian national highway system was introduced for the first time and many roads were widened to accommodate the increasing traffic. Tourism also expanded. The sixth plan also marked the beginning of economic liberalization. Family Planning was implemented for the first time in Indic Price controls were eliminated and ration shops were dosed. This led to an increase in food prices and an increased cost of living

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