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Understanding The Characteristics Of The Market (for UPSC CSE)
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The lesson starts by educating us on the market and it's two types: Money Market and Capital Market. It then highlights the instruments of money and capital market, their differences, what primary and secondary markets are and the differences between them as well. The lesson then gives a broad view on the stock exchange, concepts pertaining to investments done by foreigners, important terms to know and questions which were asked during prior examinations.

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sir your way of teaching is very good. and the the way you are delivering this content to so many is way beyond anybody's expectations. besides it is really fulfilling it 's role in guiding people like me and many more.your initiatives are much appreciated. and as always we remain very grateful. THANK you so much.....
Sir please make a video briefly about markets (especially on stock market
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This may Help u
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Thanks u sir......
Hello sir, kudos to you!! Will you make economy videos for MAINS OPTIONAL because your way of explanation is awesome and i'm interested in Economy optional Thank you so much

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  3. UNIT VI - UNDERSTANDING CHARACTERISTICS OF MARKET What is a Market? Various Types of Markets: Money Market Capital Market Both above markets have various implement to implement.

  4. UNIT VI - UNDERSTANDING CHARACTERISTICS OF MARKET Instruments of Money Market o Treasury Bills, Cash Management Bills o Commercial paper, o Certificate of Deposit, Call Money

  5. UNIT VI - UNDERSTANDING CHARACTERISTICS OF MARKET Instruments of Capital Market: o Government Securities (G-Secs) American Depository Receipts o Global Depository Receipts o Derivatives such as Options and Futures

  6. UNIT VI - UNDERSTANDING CHARACTERISTICS OF MARKET Difference between Money Market and Capital market What are Primary and Secondary Markets? Differences between both of them?

  7. UNIT VI - UNDERSTANDING CHARACTERISTICS OF MARKET Stock Exchange What is a Stock Markets? What are Stock Exchanges? Who gives them recognition? Stock-exchanges in India - BSE, NSE; Indexes used to measure stocks - Nifty & SENSEX

  8. UNIT VI - UNDERSTANDING CHARACTERISTICS OF MARKET Stock Exchange Regulatory Bodies - o SEBI (Sole Regulator) IRDA o PFRDA o Powers, Functions in regulating Market, O Mutual funds, Pension Fund; Role played by the Regulatory Bodies

  9. UNIT VI - UNDERSTANDING CHARACTERISTICS OF MARKET Concepts/ Terms pertaining to Investments done by Foreigners o Foreign Direct Investment (FDI's) and Foreign Institutional Investors (FII's) On what basis are they classified as FDIs and FIIs? O Differences between FDI and FII? Why are FII's called 'hot money' or 'Portfolio investment? o Which type of investment would be better for India? Other investments such as Qualified Institutional Placement (QIPs) - Angel investors, Venture Capitals, Foreign institutional investors, Mutual Funds, Public Financial institutions

  10. UNIT VI - UNDERSTANDING CHARACTERISTICS OF MARKET Concepts/Terms o Bull Market and Bear Market (What does it mean?), o Derivatives, o Futures, Bonds, o Debentures partially and fully convertible, o Participatory Notes, o Hedge Funds, Blue chip shares.