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Important Aspects To Cover Under 'Miscellaneous Topics' (for UPSC CSE)
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This lesson deals with syllabus of various Miscellaneous topics: Social Sector Initiatives (Social Development, Poverty Estimation etc.); Determination of Demographics (Human Geography, statistical data from India Year Book and Economic Survey etc, measures taken by the government to overcome these issues).

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sir this series doesn't include info about PDS, bufferstock, food security, major cropping pattern and all...
Its an awesome lesson. Was in need of the same. Thank u. Requesting to make such syllabus oriented lessons for each subject for upsc pre as well as mains.
Thank you so much sir for your Be careful segment....It was more than useful.:-)
Wow.. . Thanks a lot sir. No one in the world would ever do that.. I was mentioning important points in writing.. and it came out to be 6 full page... Extremely comprehensive!!! Please do complete all the topics which u have mentioned. Don't stop in between... Thanks
thank you sir very beneficial for approaching economy

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  3. UNIT XI - SOCIAL SECTOR INITIATIVES Social Sector Initiatives taken from the point of view of following problems: o S Social Development - Rural & Urban Poverty Estimation and it's determination o Inclusion of Socially Backward People into mainstream economy

  4. BE CAREFUL o One of the most contemporary area as questions are mostly related to recent developments and programs and policies of the government to address issues related to: o poverty, o inclusion, o growth and o development Yojana Magazine, Newspapers and Websites for above knowledge

  5. BE CAREFUL o Example: o Poverty Indexes like Multi-poverty Index, o Committees set up by Government like Rangarajan committee's estimate of Poverty, BPL, APL, Income gap, o Jan Dhan Yojna oVocational Education o Give up LPG Subsidy

  6. DETERMINATION OF DEMOGRAPHICS o This topic overlaps with Human geography from Geography section. O S Statistical data from India Year Book and Economic Survey will serve the purpose o Example: Population, working age of the population, O sex-ratio, o literacy, o Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) etc

  7. DETERMINATION OF DEMOGRAPHICS Issues pertaining to the above example Example: Malnourishment, o Low literacy, Open Defecation Measures taken by the government to overcome these issues.