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Fiscal Policy: Relevance Of Planning (for UPSC CSE)
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Ayussh Sanghi begins by giving us a comprehensive detail on what planning is, the relevance of it in India, the various institutions involved, how it evolved and its position at the state and national level. It then gives a talk on how to be careful while working on this subject and also solves a question asked in the previous examinations.

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Ayussh Sanghi
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Unacademy user
Thanks vimal sir.. Sir plz make a course on few important topics of modern Indian history for mains perspective only like comparisons b/w prominent leaders of freedom struggle etc.. It will be really helpful..
Very much useful...nice teaching...Thank you s
Thank you Sir........................ Thanks to unacademy.................................
thank you sir for this video series...this video series helps me a lot.pls continue sir.
thank you sir for your valuable time and input for us.. these videos are really helpful.. i would like to draw your attention on one point.. sir, i think you missed out on INDIAN TAXATION REGIME because your last video had the first two topics..or is it included in them with no separate heading?
Tarun Bilandi
4 years ago
Previous video 1.6 discusses the taxation regime precisely.
Shivika kakkar
4 years ago
thank you for the help... the video was not visible due to some problem earlier
thank you so much... still much went above the head. kindly suggest...

  2. ABOUT ME Passionate about Teaching >Taught at most reputed Civil Services Institutes >CA, Lawyer Follow me on: AyusshSanghi

  3. UNIT V - FISCAL POLICY (d)Planning o What is Planning? o Relevance of Planning in India? o Institutions involved in Planning in India and the genesis behind having a 5YP? o A general idea on how planning has evolved over the years (since Independence) How planning takes place at the State and National level

  4. UNIT V FISCAL POLICY (d) Planning NITI Aayog (has replaced Planning Commission) How is it different and what is it's purpose? Why was Planning Commission dissolved?

  5. UNIT V FISCAL POLICY (d) Planning Conflict between: A Non-Constitutional Body- Planning Commission A Constitutional Body - Finance Commission

  6. BE CAREFUL While preparing for the above make notes of contemporary issues pertaining to: o Latest committees set-up with regard to Fiscal and Economic Reforms like: Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission (FSLRC) Financial Action Task Force (FATF), o Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC) O Nachiket Mor committee etc.

  7. PRELIMS 2014 The main objective of the 12th Five-Year Plan is A. Inclusive growth and poverty reductions B. Inclusive and sustainable growth C. Sustainable and inclusive growth to reduce unemployment D. Faster, sustainable and more inclusive growth Solution (d)