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Inflation - Types, Impact And Control (for UPSC CSE)
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The lesson by Ayussh Sanghi begins by stating the target audience for this topic, the goal and the syllabus. There is then an overview of the types of inflation, impact and the ways to measure inflation. As the lesson progresses there is a summary of the concept of the base year, how inflation is controlled and the role of the government and RBI.

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Ayussh Sanghi
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Unacademy user
thank you so much for video do more videos on telangana movement
Mohammed Rayaan
a year ago
Sure within 2 days I will complete that course.
Mohammed Rayaan
a year ago
Do review the course and share it to the maximum
Hussain khan
a year ago
assalamualaikum bhai .... d classes n info about provided about Telangana movement is enough for vro n group 4
Mohammed Rayaan
a year ago
Walikumassalam brother
Mohammed Rayaan
a year ago
Actually I am student,so due to classes I am not able to complete the give me 2 days of time I have planned to complete that course both in English and telugu.
hello bro did u completed Telangana moment whole thing ....becz we all true n prepare for xam so what every u teach plz try to complete full... so it vl bee usefull
I have seen 3 videos in a row and the teacher has not explained a single concept .... whereas you are just explaining on what should be read or may be what you will be explaining in upcoming sessions ... In a way it was a waste of time
Rizwan Khan
4 years ago
so with this level of patience u r going to give upsc?
Dr.manoj Rankaal
4 years ago
hey kapil r u new to UPSC......if u understood syllabus ur half work is over.................never underestimate syllabus ever pls UPSC had a habit of playing with these syllabus part ....!!
Naveen Kumar
3 years ago
exactly even i felt the same ..just explaining the statement and saying why?? how ?? what ?? etc
please explain the topics also that will be very helpful..only topics is not helping .thanks in advance
A lot of students have asked this question about inflation benefitting debtors. Let me explain with an example: A sum of Rs.100 is lent to me. So I am the debtor. After sometime it is repaid,but when you adjust it to the inflation, a good that could be bought for Rs.100, may now cost considerably more(say Rs.105 or so). Thus the value of money has depreciated. Hence debtors are benefitting due to inflation.
Anant hans
4 years ago
understood.. thank you so much sir.
please explain the topics also that will be very helpful..only topics is not helping .thanks in advance
as always again excellent explanation....sir we falling in love of your lessons...!

  2. ABOUT ME Passionate about Teaching Taught at most reputed Civil Services Institutes CA, Lawyer Follow me on: AyusshSanghi

  3. TARGET AUDIENCE o Civil Service Aspirants Civil Service Aspirants o Other Government/ Competitive Exams like SSC/ Bank PO/ IES etc. Any one else who wishes to learn the Basics of Economy

  4. GOAL The Goal is to m Economy. o The Goal is to make you aware about the syllabus of of

  5. UNIT III CONCEPTS OF INFLATION AND ITS AFFECT o What is: Inflation, Depression, Recession Other related terms li deflation, disinflation, o Other related terms like: > reflation, stagflation, > Philip's curve

  6. UNIT III CONCEPTS OF INFLATION AND ITS AFFECT Types of Inflation o On the basis of the increase in rate of prices of G&S creeping, > trotting, galloping, > hyper-inflation

  7. UNIT III CONCEPTS OF INFLATION AND ITS AFFECT Types of Inflation o On the basis of Cause - > Demand-pull, Cost-push, Structural

  8. UNIT III CONCEPTS OF INFLATION AND ITS AFFECT Impact of Inflation o Indian Economy may be impacted positively and negatively. o Different stakeholders in the economy like: Households > Industrialists/ Firms Financial Institutions Government Is inflation good/ bad? If good, then why?

  9. UNIT III CONCEPTS OF INFLATION AND ITS AFFECT How do we measure Inflation? o Various indices to measure inflation like: o Consumer Price Index (CPI), Old Indices Industrial Workers (IW) (base 2001), Agricultural Labourer (AL) (base 1986-87) and Rural Labourer (RL) (base 1986-87) Urban Non-Manual Employees (UNME) (base 1984-85) New Indices CPI for the entire urban population [CPI (Urban)]: tire urban population [CPI (Urban)]: CPI for the entire rural population [CPI (Rural)] Consolidated CPI for Urban + Rural


  11. BE CAREFUL . One of the most important unit in the economy syllabi. . You can easily expect at least one question in Prelim Exam. Hence understanding of the this unit should NOT be limited to theoretical concepts. It should be more towards application of concepts. Associate with present newspapers and policies of RBI which are reviewed every guarter. I'll make you understand through Past Year Question

  12. PRELIM 2011 A rapid increase in the rate of inflation is sometimes attributed to the "base effect". What is "base effect"? 02 . (a) It is the impact of drastic deficiency in supply due to failure of crops (b) It is the impact of the surge in demand due to rapid economic growth (c) It is the impact of the price levels of previous year on the calculation of inflation rate (d) None of the statements (a), (b) and (c) 'given above is correct in this context. . Solution (c)