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Types of pyramid
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Types of ecological pyramid such as in number,biomass and energy

Pawan Sharma
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  1. Ecological Pyramids & Types Tertiary consumer Secondaty consumer Primary consumer Producers Ecological Pyramid By- Pawan Sharma

  2. Ecological Pyramid Consumer (100 kcal) Primary Consumer (1000 kcal) Pyramid of Energy Diagrammatic representation of trophic level . Consist of horizontal bars Length of bar represent the total number of individual at trophic level Number biomass and energy decrease gradually with each step

  3. Iypes of e cological pyramid 1) Pyramid of numbers Pyramid of biomass 3 )Pyramid of energy 1) Pyramid of Numbers: Graphic representation of number of individuals at each trophic level May be upright or inverted a) Pyramid of number (upright) occur in grassland ecosystem Number of individuals decrease from lower level to higher level

  4. b)Pyramid of number (inverted) Producers Inverted pyramid of number Numbers of individual increase from lower to higher trophic level 2) Pyramid of Biomass: total dry weight of individuals organism at each trophic level -measured in g/m.sq

  5. a)Upward pyramid Top Carnivore Primary Carnivore 10 K 00 Kg Producers o00 K9 b)Inverted pyram - Carnivore 12 Herbivores Producers

  6. 3) Pyramid of energy top predator herbivores producers Energy -reflects the law of thermodynamics pyramid is always upward -energy decreases from successive trophic level