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Pollutants in ecosystem
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Bioaccumulation and biomagnification

Pawan Sharma
Lawyer | Author | Writer ,Cleared IB MHA Exam ,Wrote UPPSC mains, Campus Law Center Delhi University alumni

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  1. Pollution accumulation in Ecosystem Magnification of DDT Concentration Fish-Eating Birds 1 10 000,000 Bioaccumulation Large10o,c00 Small Fish 100,c00 lankton 10,000 Producers 1000 Wator By - Pawan Sharma

  2. Involves two wavs: 1)Bioaccumulation 2)Biomagnification BIOACCUMULATION: tuna Build up of chemicals in living organism mercury larger fish chemicals do not break up and get accumulate< thongi food chain -1st step how a pollutants enter food chain smaller fish animal plankton traces of mercury plant plankton

  3. 2)BIOMAGNIFICATION: Magnification of Birds DDT Concentration 000,000 Small Fish 100,000 ankton 10,000 Producens Wator --Pollutants concentrated as it moves from one level to another -Pollutants must be long-lived,mobile,soluble in fats,biologically active