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Trump vs Nato: Part 1 (in Hindi)
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Is trump really making America great again? Watch the lesson of this new course covering important issues.

Vandana Nehra

Unacademy user
English me bhi questions likhte to mra bhi kaam aata sir
awesome course created by you mam. its very important channel for upsc aspirants.
Vandana Nehra
a year ago
thank u so much, do share it with ur friends.Feedback is very important for us to keep going
  1. RSTV-important topics Covering of big picture+ desh deshantar

  2. NATO and TRUMP Recently trump-threatening remarks to NATO members, calls the "alliance in crisis" Recent moves by trump has made it obvious that he is ingrained with slogan- make america great again. So now targeting NATO allies after it criticised the g- member countries like canada and germany

  3. Basics about NATO? 29 members, founded in 1949 Strategic aim (as Lord Ismay said)- "to keep 15 russians out, Americans in and germans down" > Initially it was a political assosciation After korean war,it became - asso.of mutual defence Article 5 of NATO charter- if any memebr attacked-assistance by other country(not neccesarily military but depends on discretion) although , force structure- joint military response

  4. However since the collapse of soviet union, its primary purpose has become obsolete.

  5. NATO budget and expenditure by countries? As of June 2017, only six nations met NATO spending standards: the U.S., Greece, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Poland and Romania. Share of Share of Altiance GDP 2017 ex 2017 Uitod ates 511% 717% anted 48% Others 127% 22% Span 43% 7.1%