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Manual Scavenging: A Moral Hazard (in Hindi)
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Black man's disease or societal blot?

Vandana Nehra

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thnks maam for such a helpful...lecture
  1. RSTV-important topics Covering of big picture+ desh deshantar

  2. Manual scavenging By definition it is "humans entry into sceptic tanks to clean the drains". It is an activity then how this is bad? Bad because- it violates our FR -article 21 (right to live with dignity)as poisnous gases cause death, Article 14- right to equality Social stigma How many of manual scavengers?- As per census, 2011- around 7 lakh manual scavengers

  3. Legislations? Manual scavenging act, 2013 ILO conventions 111 Manual scavenging is a non bailable offence under the act scavengers. off the filth round the clock are th ignored Railways is the biggest employer of manual Safai karamcharis who keep the tracks clean soldiers of swach bharat abhiyan

  4. What are the issues? THERE ARE MANY-HUMANITARIAN , MORAL, SOCIAL, HEALTH > But first thing first, how do we identify or measure the gravity of it? Lack of data No suitable technologies Growth of slum areas Lack of adequate urban infrastructure Scattered management.

  5. Solutions? Yes, any problem has its solution and that too 100% Foremost thing we need is- strong political will, given the diverse and complex nature of our society, this is foremost pillar > Swach aatma abhiyan- a pure soul can only reside in healthy and clean body- awareness about sanitation and self cleanileness. Localised technologies Manual scavenging shouldnt be seen as "black man's disease but ought to be treated as societal blot.

  6. Devolution of funds and powers to local instituions, integrated approach between various schemes, policies related to urban housing, sewage treatment, saniation and drinking. Integrated and not one size fits all approcah would help