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Trump and Nato: Part -2 (in Hindi)
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Why trump has gone all notorious about NATO? Find it out here.

Vandana Nehra

Unacademy user
Very useful video
Aman Jaiswal
a year ago
Thank you ma'am... 😇
  1. RSTV-important topics Covering of big picture+ desh deshantar

  2. Nato and trump 13 Nato-"not a stronger alliance"-Trump America spends 3.5% of its gdp on defense under Nato, whereas germany spends around 1 .94%. Despite what trump has been saying, according to a liSS study however- Europe's expenditure has been on rise since 2014(2024 is the deadline given)

  3. But is NATO still relevant? Since the disintegration of soviet union, NATO has served more as a symbol of unity among US led western world But there are new forms of warattack which have been emerging since russia's annexation of crimea in 2014 Russia has turned to form of cyber attacks,blackmail threats.(a defense strategy) Therefore , NATO in an amendemnt to its charter has added "cyber attack" a new form of war in its charter.

  4. Nato operations in libya and bosnia are famous one which has questioned the credibility of the organisation as torch bearer of democratic rights, liberal values Recently, coloumbia became its member( see may 28, 201 8 news)

  5. But why trump has gone all nOTORIOUS about NATO? Major Reasons are basically two- Political /populist agenda-during election campaign , promise Economic reasons- Germany has been an importer of natural gas from russia, and it also has trade surplus with america The United States has the world's largest trade deficit. It's been that way since 1975. The deficit in goods and services was $566 billion in 2017. Imports were $2.895 trillion and exports were only $2.329 trillion.

  6. Here is why, trump is in trouble! China - $636 billion traded with a $375 billion deficit. Canada - $582 billion traded with an $18 billion deficit. Mexico - $557 billion traded with a $71 billion deficit. Japan - $204 billion traded with a $69 billion deficit. Germany-$171 billion traded with a $65 billion deficit.

  7. By these threats, US wants to establish its hegemony and wants to discipline every other country which is not behaving as per USA needs( as he was quoted saying many times- "they have taken unfair advantage") Other reason which could be attributed to these measures- Defence strategies of both USA and Russia One other reason- justification for the huge expenditure on defence it incurs, recent developments- space army.

  8. Conclusion As far as the organisation is concerned, it would remain intact , despite of USA threat(as Russia is a possible threat as of now) But separating economy, political dialouge will not yield better results, on the other hand it may harm the long cherished values for which west and America is known Only soft diplomacy and dialouge can help to bring stabilisation in the fast cahnging worlod order and it would definitely make america great AGAIN