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Torsion 3
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Polar modulus, torsional rigidity, stiffness, flexibility and power transmitted by shaft is explained

Shraddha Bharti civil 2017 WBUT || M.Tech environmental 2020 NIT Durgapur || GATE 2017 and 2018 || love teaching, traveling, learning

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thanks mam for this amazing course and keep uploading more amazing topics.
  1. Torsion Shraddha Bharti

  2. Contents 1. hollow shafts 2. polar modulus 3. torsional rigidity 4. power transmitted by a shaft

  3. polar modulus J L R R.

  4. Polar modulus of solid circular shaft 2 42 12 D 16

  5. Polar modulus of hollow circular shaft ane Do and D 32 3 (D 16 2

  6. The greatest twisting moment which a given shaft section can resist maximum permissible shear stress x polar modulus For a given material the magnitude of the polar modulus is the measure of its strength in resisting torsion. Given a number of shafts of same length and material, the shaft which can resist the greatest twisting moment is the one whose polar modulus is greatest.

  7. torsional rigidity The quantity GJ is called torsional rigidity. Torsional rigidity stands for the torque required to produce a twist of 1 Radian per unit length of the shaft.

  8. Torsional stiffness The quantity GJIL is called torsional stiffness. Torsional stiffness is the torque required to produce a twist of 1 Radian over the length of the shaft.

  9. Torsional flexibility Torsional flexibility is the reciprocal of torsional stiffness and is equals to L/GJ and is the angle of rotation produced by a unit torque

  10. Power transmitted by a shaft P- power transmitted T-torque appliecd angular velocity (rad/s)

  11. 60 kw