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Shraddha Bharti civil 2017 WBUT || M.Tech environmental 2020 NIT Durgapur || GATE 2017 and 2018 || love teaching, traveling, learning

Unacademy user
i have watched whole video thank you so much for this great effort and it​would be helpful if you would explain terms like Cretaceous period and other terms which come intermittently
Indira Banerjee
3 years ago
please go through geological timeline will able to understand all the terms.
  1. Torsion Shraddha Bharti

  2. Contents 1. Derivation of torsion equation 2. Hollow shafts 3. Polar modulus 4. Torsional rigidity 5. Torsional stiffness 6. Torsional flexibility 7. Power transmitted by a shaft 8. Practice questions

  3. About me . BTech in civil from WBUT Qualified Gate 2017 and 2018 . love teaching