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Shraddha Bharti civil 2017 WBUT || M.Tech environmental 2020 NIT Durgapur || GATE 2017 and 2018 || love teaching, traveling, learning

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sir can u explain me that parallelogram law.
Mam kindly make a video on Torsion on rectangula section.
  1. Torsion Shraddha Bharti

  2. 12 A hollow steel shaft of external diameter 100 mm and internal diameter 50 mm is to be replaced by a solid alloy shaft. Assuming the same value of polar modulus for both, the diameter of the solid alloy shaft will be (a) 10x 9375 mm (b) 10x V/9375 mm 9375 10 10x3 (d) 9375 mm [ESE: 1999]

  3. 4i Acircular shaftis subjectedto a bending moment M2 and a twisting moment M. What is the ratio of maximum shear stress and the maximum bending stress? 2M (a) M (b) M 1.5M (d) Mp 2M [ESE 2008]

  4. 8.16 A solid shaft of 100 mm diameter in a small hydraulic turbine is subjected to an axial compressive load of 100n kN and a torque of 5 kN-m. The maximum shearing stress induced in the shaft is 2 20/8Nm (b) (d) 20V17 N/mm2 (a) 20/3 N/mm mm- [ESE: 2000]

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