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Tips to handle case studies for GS Paper 4
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This lesson covers: Tips to handle case studies for GS Paper 4.

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thank you sir for your clear opinion for this paper
sir could you make a list of which chapters to cover from NCERTs
Bijay hansdah
2 years ago
class xii chap 6 & 7
2 years ago
I was asking of all NCERTs
how we can do the cross questions
very useful course thanxxx sir a lot

  2. Tips to handle case studies

  3. Read the case study at least 2-3 times and underline the mairn issues and keywords. You should not leave any aspect untouched in your answer.

  4. Try to solve the issue being a leader than a manager. You have to not only provide the most efficient and rational solution but also make it look ethical and moral at the same time.

  5. As far as possible, try to give rational, logical and practical solutions. Try to avoid utopian suggestions which cannot be implemented on the ground.Out-of-the-box ideas can be appreciated, but again, they should be feasible.

  6. Whenever you are solving a case study, try to put on the shoes of the person who is facing the ethical dilemma in the case study in question. Think what you would have done if you were at his/her place. The solutions you are thinking, would those have been feasible in the described scenario.

  7. Analyze the issue from every perspective and think of the consequences of your suggestions on various stakeholders.Do suggest all the desirable and undesirable options at your disposal, however criticize the undesirable options and choose the most desirable ones giving proper reasoning for the same.

  8. While suggesting merits and demerits of an action, do not show your Gs knowledge there by bombarding with tens of points. You have to give proper reasoning in short and to the point with every merit or demerit. Try to give these reasonings an ethical flavour to make your answer look like an ethics answer and not a GS answe r

  9. It is not necessary that you include thinkers, hardcore ethics and psychology terms and concepts in your answer. A simple and lucid language with proper analysis and reasoning will fetch you way better marks than one with jargons and utopian ideas.

  10. Be very specific whenever you are suggesting any solution. Do not just write cliched and general terms like "I would ensure accountability" or "I would address systemic issues and ensure transparency". Write how you would do that on the ground