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Dos and don'ts related to Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude
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This lesson covers: Dos and don'ts related to Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude.

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Awesome course was very helpful .. thanks a lot

  2. Do's and Don'ts

  3. For every term given in the syllabus, try to find out its meaning and relevance in your life, incidents where these terms and values got manifested and so on. You can quote them in your answers if the question demands your experiences/incidents.

  4. Whenever you come across any anecdote or read any biography or incidents from the lives of great leaders and thinkers, note them in your ethics notebook. You can make your answers better by quoting these anecdotes. But do not start reading biographies just for the sake of finding these anecdotes sacrificing your GS/optional preparation.

  5. Do not give any extreme view or suggestion. Try to be balanced in your epinions. Analyze the pros and cons and leave the batt1 in the court of the examiner. If they specifically ask your opinion and ask you to take a stand, choose an option whiclh seems the most ethical to you.

  6. Your answers should reflect empathy not just towards public in general but also your colleagues, juniors/seniors in your organisation and people you deal with in your daily personal and professional life.

  7. Examples and illustrations in your answers are a must in this paper. 0therwise, it is very dry for the eyes of the examiner. to the body of your practice whenever you write mock tests to add examples in every answer. Examples from last one-two years' current affairs are preferable.

  8. Many people find it difficult to complete the paper. Completing the paper is a must. So you must practice it well by completing the mock tests you take. Start writing fast. It will give you an edge.

  9. Do not read too many books for ethics. Just the sources mentioned in the previous lesson are sufficient. This paper is more about your thinking, your views and suggestions than the views and opinions of some other writer. Read less, think more, be original and write awesome.

  10. Thank You