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Time Dilation and Einstein Equation (in Hindi)
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Length contraction, Einstein equation, relativistic momentum and mass

Shubhendra Singh Chouhan
I am from ujjain and taking my graduation from nit rourkela in chemical engineering.recently i have completed my first year

Unacademy user
Got 5/10 correct.... Happy with explanation and questions
  1. Theory of relativity, Part -2

  2. Carl eaetu eoyk

  3. Length contraction Einstien says that its not only the time that is relative but it is also the length that is relative. Let us underst A t Alpha Centauri Earthh Lo Alpha Centauri

  4. 0 c 0.866 0.995 c 0.99995 c

  5. C 2 C 2

  6. 7

  7. squared mass Energy 2 E mc speed of light (constant) equals

  8. Mass and energy relation masS Energy 2

  9. Periodic Table of the Elements Li Be Cs Ba 108 135 116 Fr Ra 183