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Space Time (in Hindi)
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Discription of why Einstein introduce space time, what is curved spacetime and what is flat space time

Shubhendra Singh Chouhan
I am from ujjain and taking my graduation from nit rourkela in chemical engineering.recently i have completed my first year

Unacademy user
sir please start economic course also

  1. Revisiorn Newtanion gravity space time

  2. Condition for space time interval ++= confusion which agree first 0 Post . (0,-) =all get agree

  3. Comparison Einstien . Time different * space different Newtorn . Time same space same * mass same . earth is a inertial frame mass different Freely falling body is inertial frame of reference of reference

  4. eintien take 7 year to understand that 2 inertial frame cannot accelerate w.rt. one another is only valid till 3d but its not valid in 4d space Than he conclude that in thia world 4 dimention are real and than einstien introduce the concept of space time