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General Theory Postulate (in Hindi)
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Postulate of general theory of relativity

Shubhendra Singh Chouhan
I am from ujjain and taking my graduation from nit rourkela in chemical engineering.recently i have completed my first year

Unacademy user
Answer for question 20 is d.
Sir what a great lecturer are you.... All my conflicts about this topics were clear. Very thankful to you..... Hope for more😊
  1. General theory of relativiy

  2. Revision Newton theory what is space time why space time space time intervals . Inertial reference frame according to einstiern

  3. Curved space ti When ever there is mass it makes space time fiber curved araund it like the figure in background When any object approach this curved part it get attaracted toward the mass and this is how gravity works

  4. How arevity works agine a fiber tightly attacheda a mass ball... U will observe bal Now though another ball o observe,second ball start movine to his is similar to ho time fiber work the d ae

  5. For proving his word einstien meet with a scientist and told him to note down the position of star during solar eclipse And he found that the position of star that we see is behind the sun. And the angle of bending of light is exact same as his predictions

  6. Hubble measures deflection of starlight by a foreground object Real star position * Observed star position White dwar Einstien says light bent in curved spa e time. Greater is the curve greater is the bend

  7. Time depend also on gravity the place where gravity is more time slows down

  8. For proving this we take 2 atomic clock. One is on mountain top and other is on depth of see. And the result we get is similar to einstien predictions

  9. um eimsticn Says mething C

  10. Precession of Mercury's Orbi 43 Suin