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Special Theory of Relativity 1 (in Hindi)
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Frame of reference, postulate of special theory of relativity, time dilation

Shubhendra Singh Chouhan
I am from ujjain and taking my graduation from nit rourkela in chemical engineering.recently i have completed my first year

Unacademy user
I have one question for you........ Honey is sweet (change the voice) and one another question for you Do or die (make it simple)
apko iske jagah ye puchna chahiye tha ki aakhir gravity generate kaise hoti hai
because every particle are connected to each other
Sir ...why gravitation force work on earth...............
why this force acted on body.
  1. steinsy of Special Relativity a flativi al al

  2. Frame of reference SA 60 KM/H

  3. Velocity v Velocity VA

  4. Types of frame ial (non accelerated) frame of reference Inert : The frame of reference moving with constant velocity. Non inertial frame of reference(accelerated): The frame of reference moving with accelerated motion.newton law doesnot hold.

  5. inertial non-inertial inertial m A mg Pr PM mg (a) Inertial frame (b) Noninertial frame

  6. Electromagnetic wave

  7. Origin of theory of relativity In 19th century,maxwell discover electromagnetic wave,and say its speed is 3x1048 m/s .now question rises with respect to says with repect to every thing.this means

  8. Postulate of theory of relativity. 1.all laws of physics are same for all inertial frame of reference for verification let us take different law for different reference frame than there will be atleast one frame present whose laws get match with our standard laws.than we will say that reference frame is stationary 2.speed of light is constant for all frame of reference

  9. inertial non-inertial inertial