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In This lesson I have discussed some problems from previous year GATE question paper.also,I have discussed some of the theories behind the solutions.

Sayantan Bhattacharya
"Educating India For a Better Tomorrow" ||Ph.D student,U mass Lowell,Massachusetts,USA|| M.Sc,University Of Hyderabad,2018|| B.Sc,B.H.U,2016

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hhai phycis ki vedio plz app load
Abhishek Dhiman
a year ago
chapter-1 Ka course dala hua h
Abhishek Dhiman
a year ago
chapter 2 kal tak mil jayega aapko
You blundered isothermal compressibility. Option A is correct not C
Explanation of gate 2011 question is wrong....actually in question there is used by mistake "not true " instead of "true".😊 Thank you sir
  1. Thermodynamics-Problems By Sayantan Bhattacharya

  2. GATE 2014 For a gas under isothermal change, it's pressure varies with volume V asPa V5/3 The Bulk modulus is given by: . Soln: We know that:Bulk modulus is givn by-V d P d V dp d v 7-8/3 5/3 d V We get that: The bulk modulus B is V-5/3

  3. GATE2016 The total power emitted by a spherical black body of radius Rat a temperature Tis P1 .Let P2 be the total power emitted by another spherical black body of radius R'2 at temperature 2T. The ratio,P1/P2 is decimal places) . (Gve your answer up to two Solution: 4 From Blackbody radiation law we know that: PaAT 2+4 So R274 0.25 P RT (R/2() 2T2 4 2+4 So.answer is: 0.25

  4. GATE2017 In a Carnot Engine, photon is being used as the working substance; What will be the efficiency for this engine? . 4 3T1 4T2 4 T. The efficiency of a carnot's cycle only depends on the final and initial Temperature, Not on the working substance,hence the efficiency is same always,for same Ti and T2 Hence, The answer is, 1- Ti T2

  5. GATE2010 . Which of the Following Maxwell's relations are correct? Answer: (b) a2U 7-(iU),(u dr-(au), a) T = OSv aVs OH b) V av T OP O S OPT

  6. GATE 2011 A Carnot's cycle operates at temperatures T, and T2 with T > T,An amount of heat Q, is extracted at temperature T,Q2 is delivered to the reservoir at temperature T, which of the following is not true? a) The work done in each cycle is (G1-02) b)01/T1-02/T2 c)Entropy of hotter reservoir decreases. d)Entropy of universe decreases. Answer: (A)

  7. GATE2012 Isothermal Compressibility is: . a) 1 av O-v@V Answer: (C BI 1 o V OP IT