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Bose-Einstein Statistics
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This video is on Bose Einstein Statistics,ideal Bose gas and Bose Einstein condensation.

Sayantan Bhattacharya
"Educating India For a Better Tomorrow" ||Ph.D student,U mass Lowell,Massachusetts,USA|| M.Sc,University Of Hyderabad,2018|| B.Sc,B.H.U,2016

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  1. Bose -Einstein Statistics By Sayantan Bhattacharya

  2. Contents Bose-Einstein Statistics . Ideal Bose Systems(Gas) . Calculating Various properties of ideal Bose Gas

  3. Bose Einstein Statistics .The statistics of Quantum identical indistinguishable particles is the Bose-Einstein statistics. This is applicable for only spin integer systems.

  4. The derivation is somewhat similar to already discussed case of Maxwell Boltzmann and Fermi Dirac Statistics, the only difference being the fact that here the number of microstates changes accordingly and unlike F-D system we can have infinite number of particles in a single state. Pauli's exclusion principle is not applicable to these systems. The number of particle in a particular state is given by:

  5. Ideal Bose Gas Systems those obey Bose-Einstein statistics constitute ideal Bose System or ideal Bose Gas. We will be observing the properties of this type of systems and calculating the thermodynamic quantities for Ideal Bose Gas.

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