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Maxwell-Boltzmann Statistics
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This Video covers detailed derivation of Maxwell Boltzmann statistics. If you like my course do follow my page:

Sayantan Bhattacharya
"Educating India For a Better Tomorrow" ||Ph.D student,U mass Lowell,Massachusetts,USA|| M.Sc,University Of Hyderabad,2018|| B.Sc,B.H.U,2016

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  1. Maxwell- Boltzmann Statistics By Sayantan Bhattacharya

  2. Contents Detailed derivation of Maxwell-Boltzmann statistics and finding out the number of particles in each energy states.

  3. The statistical distribution of properties of alarge collection of identical but distinguishable particles has been calculated and is attributed to Maxwell and Boltzmann, andd hence bears their names. . Consider a system that has a total energy ,'E, a total volume,'V and atotal number of particles 'N', all of which are constant and together represent the macro- state of the system. Let the system have allowed energy levels,

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  6. Conclusion Maxwell-Boltzmann Statistics is for classical identical distinguishable particles. energy state. ensembles for classical particles. . Derivation of number of particles in each . This can also be derived using different