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The Power of Words
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The power of words that can affect your life

Tanzia Naaz
BE graduate with 2+ years of experience in IT Industry. 2 years of experience into teaching.

Unacademy user
madam.. please make a video of normalisation ...
  1. The Power of words By Tanzia Naaz

  2. Importance of what you tell yourself . You have to be extremely careful of what kind of thoughts e Some people wi you allow your mind to focus thout being aware of it ,are continuously repeating to themselves that things are going badly, difficult to do anything and soon. We tend to allow these thoughts more often which also accelerates negativity The subconscious mind adopts and a proportion . mplifies out of all

  3. The consequences are often more extreme and problematical than the original situation. Stop casting evil spells They are two kind of formulas one being beneficial the other being harmful. Stop using these harmful formulas .I can't I'm going to fail I'm not a likeable person I was born under a bad sigrn

  4. In Solomon Islands when people want to clear forest or destroy any tree they don't but gather around the tree holding hands and abuse it or say curse it, slowly as it is continued and one can see the tree begin to wither and die on it's own

  5. A beautiful young woman approaches a fortune teller, where she tell young lady that her husband is going to leave her, this power words got rooted so much so that young even started to believe and skowly as years pass by she perceived and finally her husband left her.

  6. Quote f Superstilion enters, the brain is g Swami Vivekananda