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Subconscious is Powerful Amplifier
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How subconscious mind magnifies what it perceives

Tanzia Naaz
BE graduate with 2+ years of experience in IT Industry. 2 years of experience into teaching.

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  1. Subconscious is a powerful amplifier By Tanzia Naaz

  2. The Extraordinary power The human mind is divided into two parts i Conscious . i) Unconscious 1) The conscious part is only 1) It takes care of vital active during waking hours functions 2) Your subconscious records and stores everything in your life 2) It take cares of all daily routine and intellectual activities

  3. How It work's The Subconscious is governed by cause and effect, Every thought is an action Every invention known to man, there first lies a thought The subconscious mind is like a fertile land Start planting the seeds of positive thought and then can see fruits of success and Wealth.

  4. Let us consider this example A boss congratulating his employee for all the work that he is being doing, though he may not believe a word what he's saying,it makes him feel great and his confidence shoots up and attack the work with full enthusiasm.

  5. The fundamental principle that I am talking about is subconscious acts like magnifying glass, it enlarges everything it perceives .Subconscious can exaggerate a suggestion ,especially if it is regularly reinforced .It can on circumstances be either leading to a positive or negative depending The application of this principle of amplification are infinite.

  6. Quote Let us watch over our thoughts .A bad thought is the most dangerous of thieves - Buddha