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Change Yourself and Feel Secure
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How are you programmed and change your negative ideas to feel secure

Tanzia Naaz
BE graduate with 2+ years of experience in IT Industry. 2 years of experience into teaching.

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thank you so much very helpful for self development
  1. Change yourself and feel Secure By Tanzia Naaz

  2. Change your life Hypnosis : It requires hypnotist and a subject,where hypnotist's directs all operation, while subject passively submits to the hypnotist's directions and suggestions. Self Hypnosis: You are alone ,working with yourself, with the deepest and also most powerful part of your personality.

  3. How to Program and change yourself? uch of our subconscious Programming dates back from Childhood. >Our Thoughts are programmed based on our parents, relatives friends ideologies. (Basically environment) >May be someone could have ridiculed your attempts to assert yourself > That could have possible affected you in negative way >There is series of thoughts that has inculcated within that could rather lead to chain of unhappiness.

  4. Can we break this Chain? Yes of course with the technique of self hypnosis >The Simple fact is being aware of this extremely important truth about your mind >First of all erase all the negative programs from our mind and reprogram ourselves according to our aspirations that helps you keep motivated Every individual is unique in their own way they react differently in a different situation.

  5. Consider This scenario Egg Carrol Coffee Bean >The Egg being fragile, the outer shell protecting the liquid but after boiling in a hot pan it inside becomes hardened >Carrot being strong , hard when placed in hot boiling water becomes soft and tender >Coffee bean when placed in hot boiling water, changes the color of water and spreads its aroma

  6. >The Carrot that seems to be strong, but with pain and adversity it will lose its strength. >The egg that starts with a malleable heart (depicting its fluid), but when in contact with boiling waterf any difficulty or some other trial), it become rigid and stiff (inside bitter and tough disconnected from spirit with a hardened heart). The bean actually transforms the hot water, the very circumstance that brings it pain, When the water gets hot, the coffee releases its fragrance and flavour .Just like the real strength of a person is measured during hard times

  7. Quote Change yourself to charge ree uxric - The Mother