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How to Defend against Negative Suggestions
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Defend yourself from negative suggestions

Tanzia Naaz
BE graduate with 2+ years of experience in IT Industry. 2 years of experience into teaching.

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thank you sir ... but answers are not given.
i love this lesson thank u so much feeling so much refreshing...
Tanzia Naaz
2 years ago
Thank you ????
  1. How to defend against negative Suggestion By Tanzia Naaz

  2. Protect yourself from harmful influences We looked at some of the disastrous consequences that exterior suggestions can have Refusing to accept a suggestion may sound easy but its lot harder to do so. . Pecople gernerally have an inner monologue which cxerts a profound infhamce uence

  3. How to Defend? The first thing is to react quickly to any suggestion that you judge to be harmful .Combine this with one of the fundamental principles of the mind, a process which is most effective in combating any harmful influences trying to take a hold i.e. Principle of Substitution. Whenever a negative suggestion crops try to replace it with opposite and positive suggestion.

  4. Look at this situation If someone tells that you t are going to fail, you counter attack by telling yourself" I will succeed, my ne is improving day by day

  5. .So be on your guard Become the guardian of your own thoughts Don't forget-you are what you think To live a happy life , you have to think happy thoughts Formulate suggestions in progressive manner.

  6. Quote He who gains victory over other mer is strong, nut he who gains a uuxoru ouer hirnselfis till pourrful Lao Tse