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The power of Gestures in an Interview
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Nidhi Nagpal
I am currently pursuing Human Resource Management at XLRI, Jamshedpur. I am also a CS Engineer & have worked for C-DOT for 2.5 years.

Unacademy user
sir never depressed by nonsense comment of people like @ayush who does not value the hard work done by you so these videos not only best of best for the exam but also best of best for the interview
Thanks mem to giving me a such kind of things.
Nidhi Nagpal
2 years ago
Hope it helps you. All the best :)
  1. The Power of Gestures Lesson 2 I Nidhi Nagpal

  2. The BIG Question! How to use your body to communicate the same message that you are communicating through your words?

  3. See this! What Is Your Hidden Language Saying? menacing nervousness insecure? hiding something, but what? confident lying? wants to leave ' indignant genuine defensive closed mind? arrogant

  4. Body Language - THE ESSENTIALS Eye Contact Voice Quality Handshake Gestures Posture

  5. Body Language Eyes straight Eye Movement Eyes focused forward with normal eye Reveals the moods, intention, feelings as well interest of a person looking forward without averting the eyes eit Eyes upward to the left Looking slightly Eyes upward to the right Eyes look to the ears Just as your eye movement can indicate a change in emotion, so can your blinking - You may blink more often when stressed, on alert, a

  6. Body Language THE ESSENTIALS Hand Shake Taking the control Giving the control shaking hands The Glove Handshake

  7. Body Language THE ESSENTIALS Gestures Boredom Gesture Interested, Evaluation Gesture Yest!

  8. Body Language THE ESSENTIALS The location of arms, legs, hands, manner of sitting or standing can tell Posture SlCthe recruiter a lot about you! Fig. (A) Open posture More relaxed, open attitude Fig.(B) closed posture defensive or negative attitude Fig.( C) Sitting up straight sends a message of smartness, confidence and credibility.

  9. Body Language - Concluding Thoughts! Positive Signals Negative Signals Leaning forward = interest Crossed arms = defensive Smiling = friendly Fidgeting hands or tapping feet = nervous or bored Nodding attentive and alert Lack of eve contact untrustworthy Eye contact = curious and focused Leaning back= discomfort

  10. THANK YOU!