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Combating Nervousness before the Interview
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Nidhi Nagpal
I am currently pursuing Human Resource Management at XLRI, Jamshedpur. I am also a CS Engineer & have worked for C-DOT for 2.5 years.

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again last time u speak in a great way😂😂😂😂😂😂
  1. Combating Nervousness Lesson 3 | Nidhi Nagpal

  2. What is Nervousness? You're in the hot seat. Your palms are sweaty; voice is shaky; face is flushed; and mouth is dry. Maybe you're bouncing your knees and talking too fast. Perhaps your heart is racing or your stomach is turning You're nervous

  3. You must know how the body behaves "When we perceive that we are in a high stakes situation, the brain doesn't distinguish the high stakes of a job interview--where it would help to be calm, cool and collected--from the high stakes of being under threat from attack (say, from a tiger)," says Dr. Tamar Chansky, author of Freeing Yourself from Anxiety. "The body responds the same way--gearing up to run or fight for our lives. We experience a myriad of highl inconvenient and uncomfortable reactions whic would make complete sense if there really were a tiger there."

  4. |Why this nervousness? So much at Stake Getting a job-> Self-worth & General Happiness Not getting a job> Hit on the Self- worth & Causes Depression Belief in one's self worth decreases Nervousness or the fear of not getting what you want! Unpreparedness Start making mistakes get lost while reaching to the site

  5. Effect of Nervousness 5 People Type 1 - Start thinking faster, want to jump into answer without thinking through People Type 2 - Thoughts go completely blank, cannot think of an answer at all Nervousness Performance You could be a perfect fit for a position, but if your nerves are getting the best of you, then you're not showcasing yourself to the best of your ability.

  6. How to Stay Calm? Be Prepared Research the organization, interview you! Eliminate Uncertainty As far as possible try to minimize the Plan Ahead Rehearse About what all you might need people who are coming to photographs, copies of the resume, Just think about the points thatn/uncertain variable - what to where do you have to reach and so on. The fewer details you have to you wish to make & the message that you wish to convey. Practice wear, whom to report to, where to report- just clarify all your doubts as early as possible Knowledge Is Power worry on the day of the interview, the mkes you prepare, well better it is Think Positive, Stay Confident Think of 'interviewer as a friend Think of it as a Arrive Early & Relax Allow yourself plenty of time to gather your thoughts, breathe and to center yourself after arriving early at the site conversation Keep reminding yourself it's just a conversation to determine fitment from both side Think of yourself doing a great job in the future, answering questions clearly in the interview. lake deep calming breaths & maintain a natural smile Maybe not a friend, but definitely not a foe. He is another human being & not a rejection machine Try learning more about him, and be courteous to him Focus on your strengths, on your purpose, Take your time to answer when caught off guard, Accept that mistakes will happen.

  7. Remember that there are other jobs out there! Had it been one last job in the world & had this been your only chance at job interviews then the pressure would have been understandable! Thank You!