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Being attractive in an interview
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Nidhi Nagpal
I am currently pursuing Human Resource Management at XLRI, Jamshedpur. I am also a CS Engineer & have worked for C-DOT for 2.5 years.

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  1. Being Attractive in an Interview Lesson 5|Nidhi Nagpal

  2. 2 How to attract others? Normally people think that having Good Looks, Being Humorous, Dressing Up, and Looking Cultured makes one look attractive. This might play a part but real attraction happens at deeper, subtle levels Concealed issues related to Attraction Dictionary Definition- Adjective 1.providing pleasure or delight, especially in appearance or manner pleasing; charming; alluring: an attractive personality. 2.arousing interest or engaging one's thought, consideration, etc. An attractive idea; an attractive price 3.having the quality of attracting. Looking at Physical Aspect First, Going to Deeper Levels & talking about things in you that arouse interest of others

  3. What to do? Physical Aspect Insight 1: Psychologists say that NOT FACE, FOCUS ON FOOT first Clean, neat & polished, most importantly - appropriate footwear Insight 2: Keep the Body in Shape A majestic, confident, graceful walk; A fit structure & a healthy physique Insight 3: Eat well Eat healthy to maintain a healthy skin Insight 4: Sleep well 7-8 hours before the interview to look fresh in the interview

  4. What to do? Mental Aspect Insight 1: Maintain an Intellectual Charm Have engaging ideas for discussion Read; Keep nurturing good thoughts & be open to share & discuss them Insight 2: Be open, yet, be a mystery to others Keep interviewer guessing about what makes you so enthusiastic, so motivated & so smiling while you are in front of him

  5. What to do? Emotional Aspect Insight 1: Touch the other person's heart Be honest, appeal to their emotions; connect with their innermost feelings; Contribute as many feel good factors' as possible in your interaction with them. Don't overdo them Insight 2: Use your memory Read up about who is coming to interview you, refer to their details as & when you deem fit. Makes a lasting impact. Insight 3: Value Yourself To be valued by others; know that you are irreplaceable because of your strengths, integrity & interest. Insight 4: Be Yourself Do not indulge in attention-seeking behavior; people are drawn to natural & self-contained behavior.

  6. Make yourself a more attractive candidate 2 3 Give a great first impression Prove that you are a safe bet Provide brilliant references 4 5 6 Demonstrate extra skills Showcase your interest & enthusiasm Be humble, be respectful

  7. 7 You don't attract what you want, You attract what you are! Thank You!