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The Beginning of Iron Age in India (in Hindi)

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Abhyudaya Kelkar

Let’s have an overview of this whole Course ‘Ancient India’, as well as the Part-III of it, ‘The Beginning of Iron Age in India’. First of all, let me reiterate the contents of the whole course. We have already covered Part-I and Part-II. Now we will be talking about Part-III, the point from where the real history of India, or we must say, the history of present Indian Civilization begins. It will be quite a longer part than the previous ones, consisting of twelve lessons. These can be broadly classified under two heads: 1. The Vedic Period, i.e. the early Aryan Civilization, when Vedas were composed and a new pantheon of Gods and set of rituals introduced. 2. The Mahajanapada Period: The expansion and imperialism through armies coupled by the religious philosophical movement that shaped this Indian Civilization to a huge extent.

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