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Temperature (in Hindi)
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This video briefly discusses the temperature concepts,it's conversion in different units and also explains the change in states of matter...

Gargee Vats
Self motivated..hard working ..passionate about teaching and curious to learn new things...

Unacademy user
please make a video on elaborating public interest
reverse sublimation
Gargee Vats
2 years ago
Process of gaseous to solid state without going in liquid state is known as reverse sublimation.
Navneet Kaur
2 years ago
but it isn't similar to sublimation
Gargee Vats
2 years ago
it is just opposite of sublimation.
Gargee Vats
2 years ago
difference between the two lies in the initial and final State during the process of conversion..
Gargee Vats
2 years ago
Process of conversion of solid to gaseous state without going to liquid state is sublimation
  1. CLASS IX NCERT SCIENCE Chapter 1 Matter in our surroundings

  2. About Me: Gargee Vats Pursing from G. B. Pant University of agriculture and technology, Uttarakhand Preparing for UPSC CSE. Learning enthusiast. Please do Like , Share and Recommend.

  3. Temperature >Degree of hotness or coolness. Unit of temperature: SI Unit of measuring temperature is 'kelvin'. Most common unit is degree celsius". Values: Melting point of ice is 273.16 K or 00C. Boiling point of water is 373 K or 100 C.

  4. Conversion a) Celsius Kelvin temp in kelvin = temp in celsius + 273.16 b) Kelvin Celsius temp in celsius = temp in kelvin-273.16 Remember: 00C = 273 K.

  5. Change of states of matter Sublimation Melting aporization Solid Liquid Gas Freezing Condensation Reverse Sublimation By changing pressure or temperature.

  6. Quick Recap Solid to liquid : 1. process is melting. 2.temperature is melting point. 3. change of physical state. 4.temperature remains same. Liquid to gases : 1. process is boiling. 2.temperature is boiling point. 3. change of physical state. 4.temperature remains same.

  7. Thank you!!!!