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Evaporation (in Hindi)
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This lesson deals with the basic understanding of evaporation and it's day to day applications

Gargee Vats
Self motivated..hard working ..passionate about teaching and curious to learn new things...

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India year book- English version pls..
your way of teaching is awesome ! thank you !
humidity.. Hindi me nami..😊
  1. CLASS IX NCERT SCIENCE Chapter 1 Matter in our surroundings

  2. About Me: Gargee Vats Pursing from G. B. Pant University of agriculture and technology, Uttarakhand Preparing for UPSC CSE. Learning enthusiast. Please do Like , Share and Recommend.

  3. EVAPORATION Evaporation: changing of liquid into vapour below b.p When a liquid turns into vapour or gas it is said to evaporate. Note-Evaporation causes cooling.

  4. vapora

  5. Factors evaporation temperature evaporation surface area

  6. evaporation wind speed evaporation oc1/humidity Humidity tells the degree of dampness of air. When humidity is low then, rate of evaporation is high and water evaporates more readily

  7. Applications of Evaporation Our palm feels cold when we put some acetone or perfume on it. > We are able to sip hot tea or milk faster from a saucer than a cup.

  8. We wear cotton clothes in winter. Water kept in an earthern pot becomes cool during summer.

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