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2h 26m
Tangents and Normals at Parametric Points
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We discuss questions related to the parametric Hyperbola and tangents and normals.

Sachin Rana is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sachin Rana
IVth Year UG, IIT Bombay | YouTuber (143k subs) | Mentored 3 under 100 ranks in JEE Advanced | No. 1 educator for Organic Chemistry.

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is sin theta= -1/√3 then how point is (6,-3)
At 8:54, you forgot to put the square on RHS dada.
sir when sin(teta) is negative then teta may lie in 3rd or 4th quadrant but you've taken secteta +ve and tanteta -ve i.e 3rd q.Y like that?
i mean 4th quadrant
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