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Another Definition of Hyperbola
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In this video, we discuss the second type of method in order to define the equation of the Hyperbola.

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Sachin Rana
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Atmosphere is a layer of gases primarily comprises of nitrogen (78%), oxygen (20%), Argon (0.2%) which is essential for life on earth
There are two focii? Why have you found only one in first question? Also how can you add c to both x nd y coordinate? Either x or y remain constant!?
Most probably there is a mistake in uestion 1, because how can you assume focus is at Ae,0 when the Centre is not at the origin?
is a always less than/greater than b for a standard hyperbola? is there any particular relation between a and b for a conjugate hyperbola
in 1st question it wasn't mentioned anywhere that the lines are the transverse and conjugate axis
sir we took as distance form in 2nd question but we directly assumed in 1st question, why sir please reply
2 months ago
in first question the given forms is in the general form so no need to make it in a distance form but second question needs to be converted in distance form this is the only reason
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