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Structure Of A Skeletal Muscle (in Hindi)
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Dr Praveen Kumar Agrawal
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sir this course is very helpful please continue.. MCQ..>>> CONSIDER the following statements regarding stone age 1- Transitionary age people were hunter gatherers and used large stones to kill animals 2-mud bricks,pottery and polished ware were seen during early stone age 3-bagor valley is a mesolithic site whereas kashmir valley is a neolithic site choose the correct option. a) 1&2 b)2&3 c)3 only d)1 2 &3
Awesome Pooja :-) I could not find Bagor as the Valley area. So, We should keep just the word 'Bagor' in the 3rd option, rather than 'Bagor Valley'. right??? Based on this, the correct option should be [C. 3 only]. Am I right :P ??
Pooja Upadhyay
2 years ago
yes sir option c that is 3 only is correct... and bagor is the right word to use here as a site
sir thanks for ur such a wonderful explanation......could u Plz tell me any other reference book for bio to study beyond ncert
good one explanation sir..
Sir motor neuron jo brain se aa rha h muscle tak it means neuron body k all part se connect h I'm confused if yes to hum individual cell me nerve cell ko q ni show karate he
bio ncert is sufficient to crack neet or not?
no. you need to study a little more
Yushra Rizvi
9 months ago
Ok sir i'll follow ur instruction,nd thnk u so much for such advice
Yushra Rizvi
9 months ago
Ok sir i'll follow ur instruction,nd thnk u so much for such advice
Sir.. ATPase activity in skeletal muscle fibres is accociated with?????
Myosin heads
  1. Course: Locomotion and Movement -2 Lesson -5 Structure/organization of a Skeletal muscle DR. P. K. AGRAWAL M.Sc, PH.D., CSIR NET (JRF), SRF, GATE, FIAZ 20 Years of Pre-medical teaching experience Ex Faculty, Allen Career Institute, Kota Watch my Live Classes on Unacademy Plus

  2. STRUCTURE OF A SKELETAL (STRIATED) MUSCLE . Each skeletal muscles is a separate organ, composed of thousands of cells, called muscle fibers. . The cells are called fibres because of their elongated shape. . Thus, muscle cell, myocyte and muscle fiber are different terms for the same structure. .Skeletal muscle also contains connective tissues surrounding muscle fibers, blood vessels and nerves. A skeletal muscle consists of individual muscle fibers (cells) bundled into fascicles. . Skeletal muscles consist of a large number of fasciculi (singl. fasciculus), which are wrapped by a connective tissue sheath, called epimysium. . Each individual fasciculus is covered by connective tissue sheath, called perimysium. . Each fasciculus in turn consists of many long muscle fibres, called myofibre.

  3. Epimysium Organization of a skeletal muscle Epimysium Fascicle Perimysium Muscle fiber (cell) Mvofihril Endomysium Somatic motor neuron Blood capillary Endomysium Nucleus Muscle fiber Striations Sarcoplasm Myofibril

  4. Myofibre (muscle cell or myocyte) . A myofibre actually represent a single muscle cell or myocyte. It is a typical eukaryotic cell It is about 40 to 100 mm in diameter. during embryonic development from the fusion of a hundred or more small mesodermal ells called myoblasts . Its cytoplasm is called sarcoplasm and ER as sarcoplasmic reticulum. The myocyte . Each myofibre internally contains long, parallel running rod like structures. These are . These remain suspended in the sarcoplasm. Its outer membrane is called sarcolemma, which is a true cell membrane. internally contains many mit chondria for the quick supply of energy. called myofibrils . Myofibrils are the basic structural units of skeletal muscles.

  5. Mohs Neuaon Motos end Ptal (N) Junctiom Nuelaus Mt emi . Plasma Membrane Sarvolemma) E R T- tubule L tubule Cell structure of a myofibre (Myocyte)

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