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Structure Of A Skeletal Muscle (in Hindi)
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Dr Praveen Kumar Agrawal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Dr Praveen Kumar Agrawal
Ex - Faculty, Allen Kota, 22 Yrs Experience. Author - 17 books Known for best explanation Youtube : Concept Gurukul

Unacademy user
sir thanks for ur such a wonderful explanation......could u Plz tell me any other reference book for bio to study beyond ncert
bio ncert is sufficient to crack neet or not?
no. you need to study a little more
Yushra Rizvi
a year ago
Ok sir i'll follow ur instruction,nd thnk u so much for such advice
Yushra Rizvi
a year ago
Ok sir i'll follow ur instruction,nd thnk u so much for such advice
Sir motor neuron jo brain se aa rha h muscle tak it means neuron body k all part se connect h I'm confused if yes to hum individual cell me nerve cell ko q ni show karate he
good one explanation sir..
Sir.. ATPase activity in skeletal muscle fibres is accociated with?????
Myosin heads
  1. Course: Locomotion and Movement -2 Lesson -5 Structure/organization of a Skeletal muscle DR. P. K. AGRAWAL M.Sc, PH.D., CSIR NET (JRF), SRF, GATE, FIAZ 20 Years of Pre-medical teaching experience Ex Faculty, Allen Career Institute, Kota Watch my Live Classes on Unacademy Plus

  2. STRUCTURE OF A SKELETAL (STRIATED) MUSCLE . Each skeletal muscles is a separate organ, composed of thousands of cells, called muscle fibers. . The cells are called fibres because of their elongated shape. . Thus, muscle cell, myocyte and muscle fiber are different terms for the same structure. .Skeletal muscle also contains connective tissues surrounding muscle fibers, blood vessels and nerves. A skeletal muscle consists of individual muscle fibers (cells) bundled into fascicles. . Skeletal muscles consist of a large number of fasciculi (singl. fasciculus), which are wrapped by a connective tissue sheath, called epimysium. . Each individual fasciculus is covered by connective tissue sheath, called perimysium. . Each fasciculus in turn consists of many long muscle fibres, called myofibre.

  3. Epimysium Organization of a skeletal muscle Epimysium Fascicle Perimysium Muscle fiber (cell) Mvofihril Endomysium Somatic motor neuron Blood capillary Endomysium Nucleus Muscle fiber Striations Sarcoplasm Myofibril

  4. Myofibre (muscle cell or myocyte) . A myofibre actually represent a single muscle cell or myocyte. It is a typical eukaryotic cell It is about 40 to 100 mm in diameter. during embryonic development from the fusion of a hundred or more small mesodermal ells called myoblasts . Its cytoplasm is called sarcoplasm and ER as sarcoplasmic reticulum. The myocyte . Each myofibre internally contains long, parallel running rod like structures. These are . These remain suspended in the sarcoplasm. Its outer membrane is called sarcolemma, which is a true cell membrane. internally contains many mit chondria for the quick supply of energy. called myofibrils . Myofibrils are the basic structural units of skeletal muscles.

  5. Mohs Neuaon Motos end Ptal (N) Junctiom Nuelaus Mt emi . Plasma Membrane Sarvolemma) E R T- tubule L tubule Cell structure of a myofibre (Myocyte)

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