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Structural of a myofibril and contraction unit
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60 video sir upload plz
Ye diagram kon se muscles ka h
Shahan Khan
4 months ago
Skeletal muscles.
Q) anatomical unit of muscle fiber is a) Muscle fiber b) sacromere c) myofibril d) sarcoplasm
Akhil Yadav
10 months ago
myofibril, i guess.
Shubham Singh
3 months ago
ncert ki summary Mei hai.. muscle fiber is the answer.
Shubham Singh
3 months ago
sorry my bad I read it as muscle only...myofibril is the answer
sir thnkxx myofibril and myofiber m bhut confused rhta tha m aaj sb crystal clear ho gya😊😊😊
sir is there any difference between myofibre and fibril?
  1. Course: Locomotion and Movement -2 Lesson -B Structure of a Myofibril and Sarcomere DR. P. K. AGRAWAL M.Sc, PH.D., CSIR NET (JRF), SRF, GATE, FIAZ 20 Years of Pre-medical teaching experience Ex Faculty, Allen Career Institute, Kota Watch my Live Classes on Unacademy Plus

  2. STRUCTURE OF A MYOFIBRIL Each myocyte internally contains many long cylindrical structures, called myofibrils, which are the basic structural units of skeletal muscles. .Myofibril forms the functional unit of the muscle. Each myofibril contains about soo myosin filaments and 3o0o acti filaments (a.a) These filaments are large polymerized molecules, which are responsible for bringing about the contraction process. Myosin filaments are thick and dark coloured filaments but actin filaments are the thin and light coloured. Both these types of filaments are partially interdigitated and thus myofibrils have alternate light and dark bands.

  3. Structure of myofibril and banding pattern 2 Line H zone Band M Line A Sarco mure enta

  4. Molecular structure of a part of myofibril (enlarged) A band M line I Band Z line Relaxed fibre Myosin Actin Sarcomere

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