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Strategy, Tips and Motivational Words for Cracking UPSC CSE Prelims 2017 by Artika Shukla (AIR 4)
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Through this lesson, Artika Shukla provides concise advice and tips for all the UPSC CSE aspirants who are appearing for prelims examination this year. All these suggestions which she has highlighted in this lesson are from her personal experience and are really significant to know. One will feel really motivated and gain enough confidence for clearing CSE prelims after watching this lesson.

Artika shukla
AIR 4 in UPSC CSE. Pursued MBBS from Mulana Azad Medical College. Loves to read and solve puzzles.

Unacademy user
one of the best video I HV ever found in unacademy
I really love you ma'm.. I watched ur videos atlst hundred tyms on YouTube. u r really really really really really vry sincere n adorable.. everyone do a lot of things to be motivated but I keep my self motivated to keep watching ur videos.... alwayzzz u uploaded 4-5 videos only bt I watched them agn & agn. I rly Rly lv u.. :*
Congratulation ma'am for your'am please help me out in the prepation of upsc i should start as i m afreshers...if you do so i will be very thankful...thankyou ma'am..
Hello Artika mam, I love to read bhagwad geeta since I was 12 years old with my nanu... I like the way you express your ideas and thoughts with honesty.... I at preparing 2018 and you are a motivational personality for me..
I have only 9 months along with my BE study is it possible to crack or any suggestions like that you have to study this much hours & so on
thank you artika maam i was already impressed of your smart approach for this exam when i saw your interview on vision.... maam can u just please help ME to kick start my preparation.... because i am starting from just right now which is 28 oct.. and i really dont know about the basics of any subject like polity,history n all .. PLEASE ANSWER IF YOU CAN PLEASE SHOULD I COMPLETE ALL NCERTS THOROUGHLY FIRST OR THIS WORK CAN BE DONE TOPIC WISE TOPIC,...
Sagar Yalameli
3 years ago
Ravinder kaur
3 years ago
Please share with me too... M also in same condition I m ravinder. Email id is
Anshul Chaware
3 years ago
Hello dear, I also connect with artika ma'am, can u give me mob. No. Or email I'd.
  1. STRATEGIZING FOR PRELIM.S Presented by Artika Shukla (AIR 4 CSE 2015)

  2. ABOUT ME .AIR 4 (UPSC CSE 2015) . MBBS from Maulana Azad Medical College . Course fees: CONTRIBUTE Follow me on:

  3. IMPORTANT TIPS . Be thorough with the basics of the core subjects . Make short, concise notes of the facts A brief, working knowledge of current affairs is enough No need to get bothered for the CSAT section (Paper 2) . Solve last 4 years CSAT papers (if you're really concerned)

  4. CONTINUED .SOLVE AS MANY TEST PAPERS as you can in these few days Do not be over concerned with the issue of negative marking

  5. The time has come. So work hard and believe in yourself. Do not get too influenced by what others say. Your effort, your approach, your mind is unique. Be confident of your strengths!

  6. Always remember " Life's battles don't always go To the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later the man who wins is the one who thinks he can.