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Resources and Booklist Referred and Suggested by Artika Shukla (AIR 4)
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In this unit, Artika Shukla explains the booklists and resources which were referred by her for cracking CSE. As the lesson begins one will come across the books and resources for prelims. Then she describes the resources for cracking general studies in mains. Each resource is mentioned topic wise through which one can understand them better.​

Artika shukla
AIR 4 in UPSC CSE. Pursued MBBS from Mulana Azad Medical College. Loves to read and solve puzzles.

Unacademy user
sorry sir i tried but couldn't understand
mam i have completed graduation . i want to start preparation of ias exam . what should we do in starting. In your video , in history we should prepare history of which class ncert books.
i know you not gonna read this comment at all although when i hear your confident voice its seems true inspiration for me . you are one of the most admirable women i ever seen .!!!! love you a lot mam !!!!!!! i hope to meet you soon.
Mam I have written UPSC preliminary exam now I am preparing mains give me ints for GS Papers mam
How will i buy this material from kolkata? If any 1 help me regarding this because i can not go to delhi to purchase.If this particular material can buy online or in pdf version.plz guide me ......
Mayank Verma
3 years ago
Ncerts are available for free at and other mentioned books can be easily bought from your local book store.
mam from where i can get vision meterial???
  1. Booklist & Resources for UPSC CSE Presented by Artika Shukla (AIR 4 UPSC CSE 2015)

  2. About me . Rank in CSE 2015 4 . 25 years old MBBS in Maulana Azad Medical College Course fees: CONTRIBUTE Follow me on Unacademy:

  3. Prelims (CSAT) General Studies Topic History Ancient History Medieval Strategy/booklist/comment Ncert (did not prepare very thoroughly) Ncert (same) History Modern (Freedom Struge ipan Chandra+Spectrum + Ncert Modern India Culture society Nitin Singhania, Unacademy, NIOS material (mentioned on INSIGHTS) ,Vision ias material,ncert on art on INSIGHTS) viion s terial (mentioned Laxmikant+Solved all test papers of both Vision and Insights test series Srirams booklet + ncert+ economic survey Polity (theory+ current) Economy (theory + current)

  4. Prelims (CSAT) General Studies Topic Science (theory + current) Environment (theory + current) Strategy/booklist/comment Left..covered in general newspaper reading Shankar las +Solved a Vision test paper on r reading st paper on r las Solved a Vision te environment Class 11th ncert + Saw videos on Mrunal on natural phenomena 11th and 12th ncert Geography (Physical) Geography (India)

  5. Prelims (CSAT) General Studies Topic Strategy/booklist/comment Videos on Mrunal + Maps based on current affairs Solved all test papers of both Vision+ Geography (World) air Other National/Internationalnsights Read the hindu daily+also current affairs skirted through gktoday at times for particular policies+ PRS Same as above Schemes, Policy & Filler

  6. Prelims (CSAT) Aptitude Strategy/booklist/comment Solved last 4 yrs papers of UPSC Solved last 4 yrs papers of UPSC Topic Mathematics Reasoning Comprehension Solved last 4 yrs papers of UPSC Decision Making Solved last 4 yrs papers of UPSC

  7. Prelims Accuracy attempted correct GS 80 60 aptitude 80

  8. Mains: Essay Current affairs around the year Quotes of important personalities Usage of quotes of Gandhi, Mandel & Luther King

  9. General Studies (MAINS) Paper 1 Strategy/booklist/comment NIOS, Nitin singhania, Ncert on art, Vision material. Finally in the exam, question came from none of them! Bipan chandra Vision material NCERTS I had done both India after Gandhi and Bipan Chandra (not required) Can refer any coaching notes for covering this short topic. Topic Culture Indian history World history Post-independence India

  10. General Studies (MAINS) Paper 1 Topic Strategy/booklist/comment Indian society The Hindu, vision current material, PRS, Insights Secure articles, Yojana will cover In my personal opinion, no special targeted material is required Role of women, poverty etc. Globalization on Indian society Communalism, regionalism, secularism

  11. General Studies (MAINS) Paper 1 Topic Strategy/booklist/comment I did both vision +Vaji material. Also mrunal In retrospect, I think even 10th and 11th NCERTS would do. Resource distribution Factors for industrial location Earthquake tsunami etc. Impact on flora-fauna Arc for disaster +Vision material Left

  12. General Studies (MAINS) Paper 2 Strategy/booklist/comment Laxmikant for basics (or Ncerts if you prefer) Daily newspaper Insights Secure initiative articles Vision current affairs material Vision static material on these topics if available(not very useful but can be tried) PRS Topic e-governance Role of civil service Bilateral/global grouping Effect of foreign country policies on Indian interest Diaspora on various International bodies- structure annual reports/documents on various mandate ministry websites.

  13. General Studies (MAINS) Paper 3 Topic Land reforms Liberalization Infra Investment models Environmental impact assessment Strategy/booklist/comment Bipan Chandra 3 chapters Ncert indian economy class 12th Economic survey related chapter Mrunal Covered in current affairs Left Arc for disaster. Read the boxes and the points in the end. Make it concise..revise it twice before the exam. Disaster Management

  14. General Studies (MAINS) Paper 3 Strategy/booklist/comment Article on Insights + Vision material + Browsing on Topic g on Cyber security internet for anything relevant and new. Article on Insights(for basics)+ browse the net for Money laundering current events like SIT recommendations,steps taken,some facts etc. Newspaper reading coupled with some static material for reference. Border Management Organized crime, terrorism Article on Insights relevant current material structure Referred Security agencies- structure mandate Referred Gs Score's material on Internal Security on Internal Security

  15. General Studies 4 Topic Strategy/booklist/comment I did not spend more than a week on ethics preparation in the entire year. What I did was Bought 2-3 test papers of vision along with model answers. Read them thoroughly,tried to Ethics and interface, family, society and all the hathodaa topics understand the demand of the questions,how to frame answers,how to tackle case studies. That's all. Then went and wrote 2 tests at decent marks so didn't work more on it.

  16. General Studies 4 Topic Strategy/booklist/comment This paper is a test of your analytical and decision making capabilities and common sense. This comes naturally so cant really prepare much on this front. If you cannot understand the terms | ook hathodaa topics need to have a balanced view point, illustrate your Ethics and interface, family, mentioned in the syllabus, you can read the b society and all the on ethics by G. subba rao and/or lexicon. You just answers with examples and finish the paper on time to score decent marks in this paper. Go and bear your heart out on the sheets!